Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Ol' Switcheroo

I am finally back online! I have switched laptops and upgraded to a brand new MacBook Pro which I talked about the other day. It  was actually delivered far earlier than I had originally anticipated. Now I'm glad I opted for standard shipping instead of paying the $18 for expedited shipping because it wasn't even necessary! Now that I'm back in the virtual world, I'll get down to business...

Have you seen The Switch? 

Found here on IMDb
I know it isn't a new movie, but it is a recent one (2010) and you can find it on OnDemand. If you love Jason Bateman as much as I do, you will like this movie. It's the type of comedy I truly enjoy. One with witty banter and Bateman's comedic timing. He was genuine, funny, and when he got emotional, it was touching. I loved it. If you can't stand Jennifer Aniston, you might want to pass on it, but I'll watch any movie with Jason Bateman regardless of who else is in it. I happen to like J. Aniston as well, so I thought it was a really cute movie. It definitely falls more on the side of rom-com chick flick, but I think there's some humor in there that even guys will chuckle at. Definitely worth the watch...on another note I cannot wait for Arrested Development the movie to come out! I've been waiting for so long!


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