Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kate and Emma's Single Girl Living

Did you know I'm a blogger for Kate and Emma's Single Girl Living? I was invited to join and share my thrifty ways with them and their readers. Although I am still continuing to blog here, I will be sharing things on their site, too. So far I have contributed three posts, Summertime Starbucks AlternativeYoga for Less, and Recycled Fashion, and I plan on posting more soon! I'm attempting to narrow my posts to the region of the San Francisco Bay Area (my current home), but sometimes all encompassing posts are inevitable. I am hoping there is enough material for me to cover in the fashion realm because that would be awesome!

So, check it out! They have some AH-MAZING insights! Especially the latest post on FREE glasses. I missed the deal the first time around because I didn't have my prescription on hand, but this time I am ON it. Count me in for a free pair + shipping and handling...I mean, do you know how expensive glasses can be?? It can get really ridiculous, really quickly, even when your insurance covers a portion of it!

Anyway, you should definitely pop over to Kate and Emma's site sometime. The site is geared towards the single gal, but guys could probably pick up a tip or two in some select posts as well. You can also "like" their page on Facebook.


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