Friday, June 24, 2011

Audition #2

The night before Audition #2, I was having some anxiety about it. Why? Well, because it was a singing audition and I was having HUGE doubts about it. I used my microphone to test out what I was going to sound like and I was less than pleased. I might have been being hard on myself, but I didn't want to make a complete fool of myself, and on camera nonetheless! So I called my mom. I knew she would give me an honest answer. Even though she told me I sing well, I still asked her at least twice more to ensure she wasn't just trying to make me feel better. With her confirmation and also the confirmation of my love, I decided to go through with the audition. I know I'm no singing superstar, but I do know I can carry a tune.

I mentioned that it was a singing audition, but what I didn't mention was that it was a karaoke audition. Since karaoke is all about having fun, I just went with the flow and tried to pretend that I was singing in the car. I do enjoy singing in the car! It was one way I could calm my nerves before going into the room. When it comes to singing solo in front of an audience, my nervousness always gets the best of me and my voice is shaky. No matter how hard I try, I can just hear it. Drives me nuts. This time wasn't quite so bad, but I also squeaked once and hit a sour note. Ehh, whatever. It happens. I laughed it off! It IS karaoke afterall. So I made the best of the whole thing and danced around like a total nerd. It had the lady holding the casting smiling and giggling, so it couldn't have been too terrible! The pay wasn't quite as high as the first audition, but it wasn't bad for a day, or rather a night of work. I wouldn't have to take time off, but I guarantee I'd be exhausted the following day...working a full day, working a full night, and then working ANOTHER full day immediately after. We'll see what happens. 

So what did I wear? Well, the casting notice said to wear something "casual nice" which I took to mean that it was okay to wear jeans, but they wanted more than just a t-shirt on top. I knew I'd feel the "nicest" if I wore my over-the-knee boots, so I tossed aside my disdain for wearing boots in summer (it is officially summer now) and decided it was okay since it was going to be cooler in SF. Whatever. Auditions know no seasons! Unless it calls for something specifically, of course. I kept it lighter on top with a thin brown tank and a knit vest. With my hair curled just slightly and my makeup done to perfection, I was looking casual, but nice with a little bit of sass. 

A&F super skinny jeans, ancient brown A&F tank, Blu Heaven vest, Miss Sixty over-the-knee riding boot,
Mary Kay brown leather purse (from my days as a consultant),
Beaded Target bracelet, Tiffany ring, two-tone rose ring, sterling silver ring from my Nana's jewelry box

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