Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Audition #1

The morning did not exactly start out perfect today. I didn't sleep well, so I was feeling like I needed some caffeine. I am fresh out of coffee. So I cracked open a Coke and sipped on that while I was doing my makeup. While I was trying to figure out what I was going to wear, I came across a little speed bump when I couldn't locate the pants I was planning on wearing. Once I realized I hadn't thrown them away, I was back on track. I tossed aside the first pair of heels and opted for my go-to Coach wedges because I knew I'd be more comfortable. The casting said to "glam it up" and everyone knows that half of that battle is the shoes! Finally, I was pleased with my outfit and wouldn't you know I nearly walked out of the house without my script and headshots. I made it all the way to the BART parking lot and had to go back because I forgot the agency stickers sitting on my table. Lucky for me I left early so I had plenty of time to drive home and retrieve them. Phewww.
Black American Rag Jeggings, Forest Green Abercrombie & Fitch shirt (bough AGES ago!),
Black elastic belt taken off another dress I own from Macy's, Coach 'Maryanne' Patent Wedge Sandal, and accessories
Target Bracelet, Tiffany ring, Marcasite Ring and Two-Tone Rose Ring from my Nana's jewelry box, Edelweiss Puzzle Ring from street vendor
I camped out in a nearby coffee shop before I walked over to the audition location. I was on my way to a Starbucks, but when I saw this place I vaguely remembered it when I had stopped in there to grab a bite to eat for lunch one day after an audition most likely. I drank some coffee, went over my lines, sent some text messages, made a phone call. Anything to calm my nerves. Except the coffee I drank made me all jittery! It's been at least a week or two since I have had any coffee. I made a pit-stop in the bathroom before I left to check my makeup and walked a couple of blocks where the office was located and found it with zero problem. The girl in the short dress walking in front of me sort of led the way though. Thank goodness for recognizable auditioners. 

The other girls I sat down at the table with were super nice. The same girl I followed into the office asked me if I wanted to go over lines since we were reading for the same spot. We all rotated lines even though I was pretty sure the only spot I was reading for was the main girl. We were all called in and as we filed in with me bringing up the rear, I heard the client or casting director say that I was "really cute." Definitely gave me a boost of confidence! They took a photo of all of us together to see how we looked as a group and we read through it twice. I was released and then the next girl reading for the same part as me was brought in. I left feeling satisfied. I couldn't make the last-minute audition later on that afternoon (although I'm positive I would have been perfect for it), but I have another audition tomorrow and Friday. I guess I got the three auditions I was hoping for after all!

Another item checked off my list. Now to BOOK something!


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