Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Apple of My Eye

I took the plunge yesterday. I purchased a brand new 15" Macbook Pro. It was expensive. It was slightly painful. It absolutely needed to happen.

So Pretty
Every since my beloved iBook (yes, it is ancient) failed to charge, I knew I had one of two options. #1 ~ repair aging laptop and hope it stays in working order. #2 ~ Purchase brand new laptop with webcam, faster processor, more memory, larger screen, more bells and whistles, and be out $2000+. Option #1 would have been considerably cheaper, however, Option #2 seemed like the more logical choice for a number of reasons. One of those reasons being I want to try my hand at voiceover work and I need a computer that can handle audio files while having a mic connected through the USB port. My current laptop would struggle with having multiple web pages open. I doubt it could handle the mic and the multiple files over an extended period of time. I also use my computer at work on a daily basis and I need to make sure I have one that is reliable. Likewise, I use my computer to submit to acting jobs online (although I'm sure the agency will take care of that from now on). In terms of sending lengthy e-mails, it is certainly NOT fun trying to do that from my phone. Not to mention it is seriously impacting my ability to play games on POGO (yes, I am a nerd) and my blogging. I am ready for a new computer.

I normally would have gone the route of purchasing one through macconnection.com like I did last time, but their options consisted mainly of laptops with glossy screens. My old laptop has an anti-glare screen and I liked it. I tried out my boss' glossy screen laptop at work and I hated it. The light from the window behind me reflects off of the screen. It's distracting and it gives me a headache. If I were only using it at home, it would be fine. Since I'm toting it to and from, I want something I'll be happy with. Anti-glare was going to be the only way. On apple.com I have to shell out an extra $150 for that option. When I compared it to the one on macconnection.com, their anti-glare screen laptop was only $50 less. So I coughed up the extra $50 since the one on the Apple site had the newer graphics technology (not that I would have probably noticed anyway). I'm pleased, but now comes the waiting game. I am not patient when it comes to waiting for things I need or want right away. I'll be getting mine on Monday at the earliest, Wednesday at the latest. I am hoping for the former. Until that computer is sitting quietly on my desk or lap, I will be restless with anticipation. I can hardly wait to get my hands on that thing!


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