Thursday, June 30, 2011

The ULTAmate Deal

Are you enrolled in Ulta's ULTAmate Rewards program? I signed up a while back because I couldn't resist the opportunity to earn points and get coupons in the mail. I didn't really think much of it because I don't shop there all that frequently, but I do pop in from time to time to buy some necessities like my favorite conditioner in the giant size, nail polish, mineral makeup, and other doodads.

The last time I went in to buy my overpriced shampoo the girl who helped me told me that I had accumulated enough points to get a discount. I opted to hold off until later, but she did inform me that they expire at the end of June. I kept putting it off and putting it off and finally June 30th was upon me. I still hadn't redeemed my points! So I went into Ulta after work today and bought myself the new curling iron I had been wanting to get, but just didn't want to spend the money on.

My New Curling Iron

When I went in the curling iron wasn't $39.99 anymore, but $29.99. An instant bonus! I used my 20% off coupon and then discovered I had $20 worth of the points that I accumulated over the course of the year. My grand total after sales tax? A whole four dollars and thirty-eight cents. $4.38! Can you believe it? I was shocked, but mostly thrilled!

This might have been the best $4.38 I spent on a hair tool ever. Talk about bang for your buck!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Wedding

This past Saturday my beautiful cousin finally married her long time beau. It has been a LONG time coming and she was glowing! They are so much in love and quite honestly, I believe they were made for each other. They are a perfect match. He is such a great guy and they balance each other so well.

Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal, Shoes: black Guess platform heels
Accessories: silver bracelet from Forever 21, silver chain I fashioned into a bracelet

The wedding, which took place at Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto, was gorgeous. They stood in front of a small arch adorned with flowers and directly behind it was a small fountain. She came down a set of stairs and walked down the grassy aisle to the tune of Canon. She was stunning. Her dress - amazing. When I saw them standing up there together I could see their love for each other.. It was an intimate affair with mostly family and a few friends and it just felt special. Their colors were gunmetal gray and pale pink. It truly would not have been my cousin's wedding if pink wasn't incorporated in some way!

The Happy Couple ~ Sara and Jeovanny

They hand delivered their favors to each guest, which I thought was a nice touch. I can't wait to try out the Wedding Tea they gave us. So cute! The food was delicious (I had the cheese enchiladas) and it was exactly what I want at my own wedding...Mexican food! Really though, the cake is what I was most interested in! Three layers that were all different. Can you even believe it?! I was thrilled! Triple vanilla with strawberries, chocolate truffle, and orange almond. I started with the orange was decadent. Then I moved onto the chocolate truffle and finished with a taste of the triple vanilla. The frosting was vanilla buttercream and I made sure I grabbed one of the fondant butterflies that no one else wanted! Besides the sweets, I also indulged in several glasses of Sangria. It wasn't very strong in terms of alcohol, but it was too good to pass up!

The Program, The Wedding Tea Favor, the Bubbles, and the Bubbly

The entire affair was sweet, sophisticated, and sentimental. We sent the newlyweds off with a bevy of bubbles and cheered them on as they drove off into the sunset. They are truly blessed to have found one another and I know that they have a lifetime of happiness before them. 

Congratulations Sara and Jeovanny!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Audition #3

The City of San Francisco - Photo found here
My audition on Friday fulfilled my goal of 2-3 auditions this month. This time it was a Chevron internet commercial. My thought is that it's one of those commercial ads that play before the internet video you really wanted to watch. It went okay. I was auditioning for the role of the dog groomer. I know, it doesn't make any sense because it's a gas commercial, but if you saw the story board, you would understand. I read for the part, did my thing, and was on my way.

I don't know how well it went...I had a really rough day earlier and I'm not sure I was 100%, but I gave it my best and all I can hope is that I still somehow managed to shine. I may not have been on my A-game, but like everything else, sometimes you have to pretend to be happy and cheerful despite the way you are actually feeling. Happiness is a state of mind, right?

It was a beautiful afternoon in SF and I was trying to make the most of it, but I couldn't help but wish that I were sharing it with someone special. In fact, as I was sipping on my Peet's Jasmine Lime Tea Cooler and people-watching, I knew that my own "Mr. Big" would have whole-heartedly enjoyed the spectacles that were strolling down the street that day. Let me just say that some people just don't know what works when creating an ensemble. Despite some atrocities, I did see some well-dressed fashionistas. Those ladies were the ones to reaffirm my notion that if I did live in the city, I would be more likely to push the fashion envelope on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, I do take chances here where I live, but it doesn't quite always have the same feel or effect unless you're in the city.

 San Francisco


Friday, June 24, 2011


Image Credit: Chuck Nackie/Time Life Pictures/Getty
When it comes to commuting to work, my qualms are not even comparable to those of true commuters. Those commuters who have to brave the freeways and interchanges with thousands of other people trying to get from Point A to Point B in the rush hours of traffic. When it comes to my day job, my commute is short. The direct route from home to work is about 3.5 miles. I don't usually take the direct route, however, as the Starbucks location I like to frequent is on a different street. So I truck it on over to see my baristas and the other regulars before heading into work for a total of 5.7 miles. This isn't a bad drive. Sure, it's through town and there are street lights galore, but at least I'm not on the freeway with the masses! What's even better is when I get to carpool. Then my commute is even shorter! I only have to drive 1.3 miles. Envious?

Besides my day job, I've also been called for several auditions since signing with the agency. The majority, if not all, are held in San Francisco. This means I either have to battle traffic, pay the bridge toll to cross over to the other side of the bay, and fight for parking, or I fight for parking in the BART lot and take public transportation. Whether it's car traffic or foot traffic, it's still traffic, but luckily the audition locations are within walking distance of the BART stations in SF, so I've been going that route. Unfortunately, BART is expensive. By the end of this month I'll have taken the train at least 6 times...not so positive for my bank account, but when I book a job it should be worth it! Keeping my fingers crossed that I book one soon!

Anyway, now that summer is here and all of the schools are officially out of session, my usual morning commute is a BREEZE. I used to get frustrated with the lines of cars and dilly-dallying kids crossing the streets, but now there are fewer cars on the road and I get three months of bliss. More often than not I carpool, but even the amount of time it takes to drive 1.3 miles is cut down! Unless of course the train gets in my way. Then, it takes longer, but I'd like to think I'm getting better at leaving before I get stuck at the tracks! All in all, I am a happier person in the summer. Not only because the traffic has died down, but also because of the beautiful weather. 

Bring on the summer and the lighter traffic!


Audition #2

The night before Audition #2, I was having some anxiety about it. Why? Well, because it was a singing audition and I was having HUGE doubts about it. I used my microphone to test out what I was going to sound like and I was less than pleased. I might have been being hard on myself, but I didn't want to make a complete fool of myself, and on camera nonetheless! So I called my mom. I knew she would give me an honest answer. Even though she told me I sing well, I still asked her at least twice more to ensure she wasn't just trying to make me feel better. With her confirmation and also the confirmation of my love, I decided to go through with the audition. I know I'm no singing superstar, but I do know I can carry a tune.

I mentioned that it was a singing audition, but what I didn't mention was that it was a karaoke audition. Since karaoke is all about having fun, I just went with the flow and tried to pretend that I was singing in the car. I do enjoy singing in the car! It was one way I could calm my nerves before going into the room. When it comes to singing solo in front of an audience, my nervousness always gets the best of me and my voice is shaky. No matter how hard I try, I can just hear it. Drives me nuts. This time wasn't quite so bad, but I also squeaked once and hit a sour note. Ehh, whatever. It happens. I laughed it off! It IS karaoke afterall. So I made the best of the whole thing and danced around like a total nerd. It had the lady holding the casting smiling and giggling, so it couldn't have been too terrible! The pay wasn't quite as high as the first audition, but it wasn't bad for a day, or rather a night of work. I wouldn't have to take time off, but I guarantee I'd be exhausted the following day...working a full day, working a full night, and then working ANOTHER full day immediately after. We'll see what happens. 

So what did I wear? Well, the casting notice said to wear something "casual nice" which I took to mean that it was okay to wear jeans, but they wanted more than just a t-shirt on top. I knew I'd feel the "nicest" if I wore my over-the-knee boots, so I tossed aside my disdain for wearing boots in summer (it is officially summer now) and decided it was okay since it was going to be cooler in SF. Whatever. Auditions know no seasons! Unless it calls for something specifically, of course. I kept it lighter on top with a thin brown tank and a knit vest. With my hair curled just slightly and my makeup done to perfection, I was looking casual, but nice with a little bit of sass. 

A&F super skinny jeans, ancient brown A&F tank, Blu Heaven vest, Miss Sixty over-the-knee riding boot,
Mary Kay brown leather purse (from my days as a consultant),
Beaded Target bracelet, Tiffany ring, two-tone rose ring, sterling silver ring from my Nana's jewelry box

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Audition #1

The morning did not exactly start out perfect today. I didn't sleep well, so I was feeling like I needed some caffeine. I am fresh out of coffee. So I cracked open a Coke and sipped on that while I was doing my makeup. While I was trying to figure out what I was going to wear, I came across a little speed bump when I couldn't locate the pants I was planning on wearing. Once I realized I hadn't thrown them away, I was back on track. I tossed aside the first pair of heels and opted for my go-to Coach wedges because I knew I'd be more comfortable. The casting said to "glam it up" and everyone knows that half of that battle is the shoes! Finally, I was pleased with my outfit and wouldn't you know I nearly walked out of the house without my script and headshots. I made it all the way to the BART parking lot and had to go back because I forgot the agency stickers sitting on my table. Lucky for me I left early so I had plenty of time to drive home and retrieve them. Phewww.
Black American Rag Jeggings, Forest Green Abercrombie & Fitch shirt (bough AGES ago!),
Black elastic belt taken off another dress I own from Macy's, Coach 'Maryanne' Patent Wedge Sandal, and accessories
Target Bracelet, Tiffany ring, Marcasite Ring and Two-Tone Rose Ring from my Nana's jewelry box, Edelweiss Puzzle Ring from street vendor
I camped out in a nearby coffee shop before I walked over to the audition location. I was on my way to a Starbucks, but when I saw this place I vaguely remembered it when I had stopped in there to grab a bite to eat for lunch one day after an audition most likely. I drank some coffee, went over my lines, sent some text messages, made a phone call. Anything to calm my nerves. Except the coffee I drank made me all jittery! It's been at least a week or two since I have had any coffee. I made a pit-stop in the bathroom before I left to check my makeup and walked a couple of blocks where the office was located and found it with zero problem. The girl in the short dress walking in front of me sort of led the way though. Thank goodness for recognizable auditioners. 

The other girls I sat down at the table with were super nice. The same girl I followed into the office asked me if I wanted to go over lines since we were reading for the same spot. We all rotated lines even though I was pretty sure the only spot I was reading for was the main girl. We were all called in and as we filed in with me bringing up the rear, I heard the client or casting director say that I was "really cute." Definitely gave me a boost of confidence! They took a photo of all of us together to see how we looked as a group and we read through it twice. I was released and then the next girl reading for the same part as me was brought in. I left feeling satisfied. I couldn't make the last-minute audition later on that afternoon (although I'm positive I would have been perfect for it), but I have another audition tomorrow and Friday. I guess I got the three auditions I was hoping for after all!

Another item checked off my list. Now to BOOK something!


Kate and Emma's Single Girl Living

Did you know I'm a blogger for Kate and Emma's Single Girl Living? I was invited to join and share my thrifty ways with them and their readers. Although I am still continuing to blog here, I will be sharing things on their site, too. So far I have contributed three posts, Summertime Starbucks AlternativeYoga for Less, and Recycled Fashion, and I plan on posting more soon! I'm attempting to narrow my posts to the region of the San Francisco Bay Area (my current home), but sometimes all encompassing posts are inevitable. I am hoping there is enough material for me to cover in the fashion realm because that would be awesome!

So, check it out! They have some AH-MAZING insights! Especially the latest post on FREE glasses. I missed the deal the first time around because I didn't have my prescription on hand, but this time I am ON it. Count me in for a free pair + shipping and handling...I mean, do you know how expensive glasses can be?? It can get really ridiculous, really quickly, even when your insurance covers a portion of it!

Anyway, you should definitely pop over to Kate and Emma's site sometime. The site is geared towards the single gal, but guys could probably pick up a tip or two in some select posts as well. You can also "like" their page on Facebook.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


There really is a lot of satisfaction with making a list and checking things off one by one. I make lists all the time. I make grocery lists, Target lists, Things To-Do lists, work lists, packing lists, books-to-read lists, movies-to-watch lists, songs-to-download lists, lists for birthday gift ideas, and lists just to keep track of all my lists! Okay, that last list was false, but sometimes it feels like I need one of those too. Lists help keep me organized, they remind me of things I need to do, and they give me something to work towards. Like crossing or checking off everything from a list.

When it comes to my aspirations in life, I have discovered that writing them down and/or having a deadline actually helps me accomplish them. How many times did I swear I was going to take an acting class?? Only a few thousand times. When I found out it was the last beginners class of the year, I jumped in. I decided it was now or never. Then I had a whole new set of challenges. I needed activities for class. I needed to memorize my lines. It was much easier to forget about it until the last minute, but then I started writing down the things I needed to do. Once I started advancing in class, I realized I had a whole new set of goals. I found that if I wrote them down, I was more likely to get them done. Accomplishing each task was satisfying! And I got to check it off of my list.

With each checkmark came another goal to strive for and another challenge to overcome. I had to change my hair color, get my headshots done, sign up for Casting Networks, submit to projects, choose my headshots, build up my resume by working on short films, order my headshots, become SAG eligible, write a cover letter, clean up my resume, work on a monologue, go on auditions, and submit to agencies. I eventually accomplished all of these things, but not without a little help from my friends, a list or two, and a deadline for each of them. Every time I saw a checkmark next to my latest accomplishment, I was pleased because I was making progress and I could see it. Setting deadlines for myself seems to be somewhat effective, but I've found that making monthly goals over the course of 6 months is more my speed.

For the month of June I had written down a few of my goals. 

Become SAG eligible 

Get signed by an agency 

Kick ass on my scene for class  
(I actually did so well I was released! It was the first time I had done it in class.)

Go on 3 agency submitted auditions

Book 1-2 auditions

Make $1,000+

There are still some items that are not checked off yet, but I'm not worried. I already know I won't be making the 3 auditions that I wanted, but then again, I didn't sign the papers with the agency until recently. That said, it's been less than a week since I signed and I already have 


The pay if I book it? $2,000. For one day of work. I am certainly not going to scoff at that!

As I keep progressing, I will continue to check off my latest achievements. I like seeing that all of my hard work has been paying off!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

I've been sick for nearly a week now...I'm getting better, but I just can't seem to shake it! It's entirely possible that I had the flu, but I'm completely in denial about the whole thing and I'm convinced it was just a really nasty, nasty cold. What I couldn't ignore was the fever and body aches. I pulled through those pesky symptoms and I'm hoping I start feeling more like myself soon. We shall see.

In the meantime, I'm going to start writing more consistently. I haven't been blogging because my former laptop decided it was time to die, and I feel the incessant need to play catch up. So, if you find me posting multiple times per day, I apologize profusely. It's kind of like making up the homework you missed at school when you were home sick. You have to do all the stuff you missed plus everything that is assigned the day you come back.

Lucky for me this current bout of insomnia is helping me get a jumpstart on things. I'm blogging before 9 a.m. west coast time! Imagine that.

So while I'm simultaneously thinking of blog topics, what I'm going to wear today, and how I plan on making it through yet another manic Monday, I'm leaving you with some of the things I'd like to do today rather than go to work...

{Inspired by Amanda Blair and her "This weekend..." posts over at A to B}

Go to Half Moon Bay
Photo Found Here

Wear one of these
VS bikini

Read this
Photo Found Here

And sip on one of these
Margarita Found Here


Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Ol' Switcheroo

I am finally back online! I have switched laptops and upgraded to a brand new MacBook Pro which I talked about the other day. It  was actually delivered far earlier than I had originally anticipated. Now I'm glad I opted for standard shipping instead of paying the $18 for expedited shipping because it wasn't even necessary! Now that I'm back in the virtual world, I'll get down to business...

Have you seen The Switch? 

Found here on IMDb
I know it isn't a new movie, but it is a recent one (2010) and you can find it on OnDemand. If you love Jason Bateman as much as I do, you will like this movie. It's the type of comedy I truly enjoy. One with witty banter and Bateman's comedic timing. He was genuine, funny, and when he got emotional, it was touching. I loved it. If you can't stand Jennifer Aniston, you might want to pass on it, but I'll watch any movie with Jason Bateman regardless of who else is in it. I happen to like J. Aniston as well, so I thought it was a really cute movie. It definitely falls more on the side of rom-com chick flick, but I think there's some humor in there that even guys will chuckle at. Definitely worth the watch...on another note I cannot wait for Arrested Development the movie to come out! I've been waiting for so long!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Apple of My Eye

I took the plunge yesterday. I purchased a brand new 15" Macbook Pro. It was expensive. It was slightly painful. It absolutely needed to happen.

So Pretty
Every since my beloved iBook (yes, it is ancient) failed to charge, I knew I had one of two options. #1 ~ repair aging laptop and hope it stays in working order. #2 ~ Purchase brand new laptop with webcam, faster processor, more memory, larger screen, more bells and whistles, and be out $2000+. Option #1 would have been considerably cheaper, however, Option #2 seemed like the more logical choice for a number of reasons. One of those reasons being I want to try my hand at voiceover work and I need a computer that can handle audio files while having a mic connected through the USB port. My current laptop would struggle with having multiple web pages open. I doubt it could handle the mic and the multiple files over an extended period of time. I also use my computer at work on a daily basis and I need to make sure I have one that is reliable. Likewise, I use my computer to submit to acting jobs online (although I'm sure the agency will take care of that from now on). In terms of sending lengthy e-mails, it is certainly NOT fun trying to do that from my phone. Not to mention it is seriously impacting my ability to play games on POGO (yes, I am a nerd) and my blogging. I am ready for a new computer.

I normally would have gone the route of purchasing one through like I did last time, but their options consisted mainly of laptops with glossy screens. My old laptop has an anti-glare screen and I liked it. I tried out my boss' glossy screen laptop at work and I hated it. The light from the window behind me reflects off of the screen. It's distracting and it gives me a headache. If I were only using it at home, it would be fine. Since I'm toting it to and from, I want something I'll be happy with. Anti-glare was going to be the only way. On I have to shell out an extra $150 for that option. When I compared it to the one on, their anti-glare screen laptop was only $50 less. So I coughed up the extra $50 since the one on the Apple site had the newer graphics technology (not that I would have probably noticed anyway). I'm pleased, but now comes the waiting game. I am not patient when it comes to waiting for things I need or want right away. I'll be getting mine on Monday at the earliest, Wednesday at the latest. I am hoping for the former. Until that computer is sitting quietly on my desk or lap, I will be restless with anticipation. I can hardly wait to get my hands on that thing!


Moral Dilemmas

Out of the six San Francisco agencies I submitted to last month, I heard back in the way of phone calls from two and letters from three (phone calls are good, letters are bad). By the time I had been to my second audition, I still hadn't heard back from the one that was lingering in limbo. I pretty much bombed my first audition. I was nervous. Really nervous. Unfortunately, I let that get in the way of my acting. I was in my head. I was watching her, I was watching me, I was watching her watching me. It was bad. I knew it. She said, "no" but she also said her door was still open later on down the road. If I had just gone in and done what I needed to do the first time, I would've been fine, but I didn't.

Audition #2 was the exact opposite of Audition #1. I was calm, I knew what I needed to do, and I felt prepared. My monologue was already permanently engrained in my head and I knew my lines would come. Actor's faith. I got down to the emotion and I was initially nervous when I stood up to give my monologue, but overall I felt comfortable. Obviously she saw something in me that she liked, so she offered me representation. Like I said earlier, I asked her to give me a day to think about it. I spoke with my acting coach and she told me to follow up with the last agency. I didn't. I honestly thought I would receive a letter from them. So on Friday, I called the woman who offered to represent me and accepted her offer. I felt good about it. Then I got another phone call which left me at a crossroads.
Photo Found: here
Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from the last agency I was waiting to hear back from. They want to meet with me next week. Now what? I already gave a verbal "yes" to one woman, but now someone else wants to see me, too. Do I reschedule my signing date (which is scheduled for tomorrow), go to the other audition and hope they want me too? What if she asks why I'm rescheduling? I don't want to lie to her. Then what happens if the other agency doesn't want me? I'll be going back to the woman who offered me representation like a dog with my tail between my legs. Then how will she trust me? She'll think I'm a flake and I don't want to be perceived like that. Someone told me the other agency who wants to meet with me is a better agency. How is that even determined though? By the projects they have booked? By the clients they have? How do I know they'll be better for me? Do they have my best interests in mind? Will they treat me the way I want to be treated? Will they be there for me? Will I be a little fish in a big pond? Will I get booked for jobs? Or will I just fall by the wayside? I was told to make a good excuse. Say that I have an appointment at the doctor's office or whatever. I can't do that. At the end of the day, I am the one who has to live with what I do. All I have is my word. I gave my word to someone else and I'm not going back on it.

As much as I am kicking myself for not following up with the last agency, I have to remember why I liked the woman I met with initially and why I told her "yes." I felt comfortable with her. I felt a connection with her. I felt like her agency would be a good fit for me. I was obviously feeling extremely conflicted yesterday and I needed to get back to the heart of the matter. In a business where integrity is often nonexistent, I am determined to keep my own. So I called the last agency, thanked them for their time and their consideration, and informed them that I had already accepted an offer from another agency. I feel good.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Western Drama

Who doesn't love a good Western?

When I had the opportunity to be in one, I jumped at the chance. Then I found out that I couldn't make the audition, so I had to pass. Low and behold, another Western made itself available to me! I was really excited even though I knew that I was only going to have a small role in the film. Regardless, I got to hold a gun, wear cowboy boots, and wear an awesome hat.

Unfortunately, I was unable to go to the screening last night in Santa Cruz and I haven't had the opportunity to see the finished product just yet. I'm anxious to see it because the trailer the director put together looked amazing. Hopefully I'll be able to post a full version of the film like I did last time, but in the meantime, here is a glimpse of "Jack and the Spade"...

And in case you missed me (my appearances were brief and like I said, I'm not one of the main people), here are just two of the shots you'll see of me (or my hand) in the trailer.

Yeah, that's right. I'm shooting left-handed.
my "little brother" and me
I hope you enjoyed the trailer and I cannot wait to share the full version soon!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Yesterday Was MY Day

In case you missed the memo, yesterday was MY day. Yep. The whole day was dedicated to me. Prayers were answered, the stars aligned, and my fate was decided.

My morning started off with the usual alarm set for 5:55. For once it didn't feel as though I were glued to my mattress. Strange. So I soaked up a few extra minutes of leisure lying before getting my morning cup of joe. I brought my mug back with me to my bed (I really love my is SO comfortable) to sip and read my emails before getting ready for my big day. I discarded the daily emails from Rue La La, ideeli, HauteLook, OneKingsLane, J.Crew, Eziba, Victoria's Secret, and Lamps Plus, etc. before checking my other email account dedicated solely to job searching and acting. Inside waiting for me was an email from an actor friend of mine telling me he was officially SAG eligible. I immediately clicked on the link he so kindly provided and discovered that I, too, was now officially SAGe!!

This was a long time coming with numerous delays in the initial time for filming and then again with waiting to hear back from the SAG office after we filed all of the necessary paperwork. Luckily, everything was eventually sorted out and now I have the option of joining SAG whenever my lil heart desires! A big step in my grand scheme.

So with things already on a roll, I got ready for the day and picked out what I was going to wear to my audition in San Francisco. Since I knew I wasn't going to be on camera, it was much easier to pick something to wear. The floral print blouse I wore would not have filmed well on camera. I was oddly calm for this particular audition. Considering it was for an agency for possible representation, I should have been far more nervous. I guess all of my preparation left me feeling confident. Always a plus! Once I was satisfied with my appearance, I got into my car to drive to BART. On my way out, I ran into someone who kindly provided me with a new pool key. I had lost my previous key last year around this time, but the HOA charges a whopping $75 to replace it. Seemed silly and incredibly steep for a $3 key, so I just haven't been going to the pool. When the opportunity arose to obtain one without paying that much for it, I jumped. Now I have my new key!

I got to BART without a lot of hassle and found a parking spot. I bought my train ticket, paid for parking and got straight on the train in a seat that I liked. Unfortunately, I had an undesirable person sit directly next to me, but I managed to ignore him and the blaring music coming from his headphones. I opted to get off on Powell St. instead of Civic Center because I was incredibly early and figured I could burn some time at the mall. I purchased a bagel and cream cheese at the Bellini Cafe and enjoyed freshly squeezed orange juice, too. I worked some more on my monologue even though I was already feeling pretty good about it and then I walked up to Nordstrom to check out the shoes. I didn't find anything I couldn't live without, so I walked down and headed towards the agency. I was early, but I figured it was better to be early than to be late! I sat outside across the street and went over my monologue a few more times and called my mom to tell her I was getting ready to go inside. Even though I was there, I still wasn't getting very nervous. Don't get me wrong, I still had some nerves, but nothing even remotely close to the last audition I had (and blew) with an agency. Maybe this one was just meant to be! I had written some goals in my notebook to accomplish this month and so far I've achieved 3 out of the 4! All three in ONE day. I'm telling you, yesterday was MY day.

I walked into the agency 15 minutes prior to the appointed time, which was good because the girl at the front desk, who greeted me by name (super sweet and wearing the cutest maxi dress), had some paperwork waiting for me to fill out. The agent called me in a few minutes after I finished writing and I still felt incredibly calm. She talked to me in depth about different pay scales, the type of work that is done up here in the Bay Area, and asked me what I would like to be doing. After she finished, I was definitely more informed than I had been when I walked in. She asked me if I had prepared a monologue (which I had) and after I was done she offered me representation! I was ELATED. Once again...MY DAY. I tried to contain some of my excitement, but there was no way to hide that kind of joy! I told her that I wanted to think about it, and I would call her today to give her an answer. After I closed the door, I had a mini freak out happy moment and I did a little dance. I already knew what my answer was going to be...I'm not stupid...I'm ACCEPTING her offer!

So while I was walking on Cloud 9, or prancing rather, I had a smile on my face and people were looking at me left and right. I am sure I was glowing. I even gave five bucks to a guy playing the guitar in the BART station because I was so happy. He was surprised and shouted to me that he wasn't going to spend it...he was going to save it! Someone made my day, so I wanted to make someone else's day. Mission accomplished.

I will be telephoning the agent this afternoon to give her the nod and accept. Next goal on my list for the month is to get an audition (or three) and book them (at least one). I need to get paid! Hopefully this will be a good fit. I felt a connection with her immediately and she seemed like a no-nonsense, get-things-done kinda woman. I liked her. Now to sign the paperwork and become a working, paid actor. Making strides!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So last Friday I said I was planning ahead and had some new things to talk about, but unfortunately I am without a computer. My laptop, which was already on it's way out, officially refuses to charge. This is unfortunate for a number of reasons including, but not limited to my inability to blog like a normal person with a computer, I do not have a computer at work, I cannot play Pogo, updating my Netflix queue is a nuisance, and I am forced to surf the web using my iPhone.

I didn't want to make myself out to be a liar, so I wanted to clarify why I have been silent since my last post. Blogging from my phone, like I am doing right now, is incredibly aggravating. Between typos (forgive me if there are any), this tiny screen, and the fact that I cannot post photos, well, I'm just a bit peeved. I'll get over it, but in the meantime, please forgive me for the radio silence. I will return once I purchase my new MacBook Pro! My perfectionist side will be back to edit this post later...


Friday, June 3, 2011


I have been slacking lately. When I glanced back to see my blog entries, I realized I actually went a FULL week without a post. I was a little disappointed with myself. I have been so busy and worn out recently that I haven't posted since I forced myself to last Tuesday. Now it's Friday.

So while I ease back into my near daily posts, I am mapping out some new topics, planning ahead, and hoping for the best. Originally I planned on morning posts because of my new Internet connection, but that obviously hasn't happened yet. It has been so hard to crawl out of bed. I hit the snooze button ten times before I have to get up. I really need to get into a routine.

I haven't only been slacking in blogging, I have also been slacking in my usual day-to-day responsibilities. Like laundry. Or taking out the trash. I really need to take out the trash. I have no idea why I don't take it out in the morning as I leave for work. I drive right past the dumpster every single day. Maybe it's laziness, or maybe I don't have the energy to care about the little things. I do need to get on the laundry thing though, too. I'm running out of jeans. That's saying a lot considering how many pairs I actually own. While the chores are piling up like my dirty laundry, I also need to stop slacking in other areas of my life. I need to work more on my monologue, my assignment for class, and the gym hasn't exactly been a place I've been frequenting regularly.

Regardless of my slacker status as of late, I am back in the writing realm once more and I will try to keep it consistent. In the meantime, you should seriously watch this video...I am an animal lover, and this nearly brought tears to my eyes. It isn't sad, just touching.

Baby moose are adorable! Happy Friday!