Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thrifted Furnishing

One last post before bed. It is Tuesday, and like I mentioned before, I've given myself permission to blog twice on Tuesdays. So here it is!

I told you earlier today that I finally got the Internet. Welcome to the 21st century, right? Anyway, what I didn't tell you was I bought I new piece of furniture to hold those little contraptions that are allowing me to blog from the comfort of my gigantic bed.

There are only two phone jacks in my condo so my options were limited as to where I would hook up the modem and wireless router. Since I had a feeling there would be some sort of disaster if I left them in the kitchen where the original phone jack is, I knew they would be much safer in my bedroom where the second jack is located. None of my furniture was close enough to the jack for me use, so for the time being I had the two devices sitting on the floor. Let me just say that they were going to be about as safe on the counter as they were on the floor, so I had to find something to place them on and fast. So, last Saturday after I got my boots and shirt for the western, I went to another thrift store in town. This particular one happens to have a lot of furniture on any given day, so I thought I would look there to find a small piece to add to my bedroom. In the meantime, I moved them off of the floor and on top of the box they came in (didn't want to risk stepping on them before they were even hooked up!). Not very aesthetically pleasing, if you know what I mean.

So to the thrift store I went! 

I wandered around looking at all of the possibilities and narrowed it down to two. One was clearly not going to blend in well with it's vintage look, although the color of the wood did match better with my existing furniture than Option #2. Option #2 was much lighter, but I was instantly drawn to it. At the time I figured it was more of an impulse buy, but I needed something and I didn't want to wait too long. This would at least tide me over until I found something else and it was decently priced. So, I bought it, cleaned it off at home, and set it in between the power outlet and the phone jack. It is certainly not perfect, there are some nicks, a few discolored spots, and a place I need to hammer a nail into. Despite the imperfections, I am pleasantly pleased with my choice. The tone of the wood matches the upholstering of the headboard on the bed and also some shades in the bedspread. It definitely doesn't match the dresser and night stands, but it fits for now. I am considering changing the hardware. It isn't a necessity at this point though, and for now I am okay with it. If I grow tired of the color, I may decide to paint it a deep red to match a different color in the bedspread, however, until then, it is serving it's purpose. It is holding my new modem and wireless router! Yay for Internet!

The top drawer-looking part actually lifts up to reveal a shelf where the modem and router sit!

Next item on the list is to find a cabinet to house either my blankets or my art supplies!


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