Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Livermore Wine Country Festival

Last weekend was a busy one for me. After a full day of working on Friday I spent the rest of the evening out in Santa Cruz filming a short film for the 24 Hour Film Festival that I mentioned earlier. Filming lasted through Saturday morning when I finally drove home to shower and change for my cousin's bridal shower a few hours later. I have no idea how I was able to stay up for so long without caffeine assistance, but I did! After 12 hours of sleep on Saturday night, I woke up on Sunday morning feeling less than refreshed, but I managed to make myself bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for some quality time with my seester and two of our good friends M & J as well as their son D.

M & D & J
It was a gorgeous day and I opted to wear a white and black dress that I have not worn in ages. It seemed like the perfect day for it and it was! When I arrived at M & J's, I saw that everyone was wearing a black t-shirt. I guess I missed the memo! I was comfortable nonetheless and happy with my choice of wardrobe. Then we all piled into the car and drove over to the Livermore Wine Country Festival. It was previously known as the Days of Wine and Honey, but it no longer touts "honey" as a main attraction. Personally, the honey was the main attraction for me! Honey sticks galore and I even bought a bottle of honey from one of the vendors. It can be bought year-round at Van's Health Foods, but the beekeeper was there that day, so I bought a bottle from him!

There were the typical toe ring vendors that seem to be at every festival (my seester bought one), along with vendors selling wooden children's toys, silver spoon jewelry, art, candles, and so many other things. It was fun to just go walk around and hang out with friends while enjoying the sunshine. When D wasn't in his stroller, he kept trying to walk down the middle of the street with the yellow bumps that line the road. He started to run into some people traffic, so I trotted in front of him in an attempt to part the seas so he could keep on walking. He followed me as I stayed close to the middle and occasionally weaved around some people walking the opposite direction until we reached the end of the line. It was fun for me and I am sure it was fun for him!

Me and my Seester
We ended the afternoon with lunch at Chili's before we parted ways. The sun definitely wore us all out and especially me having been sleep deprived earlier in the weekend. I am still wearing the sunburn I earned on my shoulders. Guess that's what I get for refusing to wear sunscreen and being out in the sun for a few hours. I normally don't burn, but I also haven't been out in the sun like that since last summer. I will not soon forget this little burn and I will be working on upping my skin's sun tolerance in the near future!


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