Friday, May 20, 2011

I WILL see you tomorrow.

So back in mid April, a friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to a site which proclaims Judgement Day will be tomorrow, May 21, 2011. My curiosity was naturally piqued, so I followed the link to read all about Judgement Day and the end of the world. I read up on it, acknowledged that many people will undoubtedly believe this nonsense, and then completely disregarded the argument. I was planning on writing about this sooner, but I honestly figured it wouldn't be such a huge deal. I should have known that this would be all anyone and everyone would be talking about, so I thought I'd join in on the fun, too.

A week or so after my friend posted the link, I noticed that someone had slapped a bumper sticker on the turn light I wait at nearly every day on my way to work. So I picked up my phone and snapped a quick photo of it because I was fully planning on blogging about this sooner. I wonder if God will forgive me for procrastinating? Anyway, I don't care what this guy says, the Rapture is NOT going to happen tomorrow.

I wonder if will be taking down their website tomorrow.

Earlier this week, my mom and I pulled up behind a black Escalade (or some other gigantic SUV) and saw that they had one of these stickers smack dab in the middle of their bumper. I turned to my mom and asked her what they were going to do after May 21st comes and goes and the good Lord above decides to hold off on the Rapture. Try to peel it off? Stick another one over it? Cover it with black paint? It all seems a little ridiculous to me. Especially when I read articles about parents quitting their jobs and refusing to let their teenagers go to a party on a Saturday night. I wonder if this was just their excuse for not letting them go to the rager. But really? QUITTING your job because you THINK Christ is coming back. Those parents are going to feel even more dumb than the idiots who stuck the sticker on the tail end of their gas guzzler! Apparently (at least according to the morning radio show I was listening to), the guy behind this whole thing has "predicted" the Rapture before. Obviously this didn't happen. Now he's revised his math equations and tomorrow is Judgment Day. I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm pretty sure that even if God was intending on calling His people home tomorrow, he'd hold of for a day or two just to show him who the real boss is. I think God has a sense of humor!

While some people are hoping the world ends so they can ignore their student loans, car and house payments, and credit card debt, I'm hoping it's a long ways off (I'm also not in debt). Besides, I have things to do! If you do think the world will be ending soon and you're also one of the bunch who think zombies are going to rise up from the graves, here are a few things for you to check out. The CDC posted this article a few days ago and here is a zombie-proof house for you to occupy.  I also suggest finding a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide to better prepare yourself.

And a final note...
I WILL see you tomorrow.
...and zombies will not be taking over the world.
The End.


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