Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feel Free to Call This Number

Work today was...interesting. It is always a challenge dealing with telemarketers who try to trick you into giving out information. I certainly was not born yesterday (and I have a bit of experience screening calls), so when they insinuate that they are with AT&T, but they really aren't, I know that they really have no business talking with the actual person who takes care of the account. When I hear each telemarketer's opening statement, I am already formulating my answer. It typically goes something like this, "We're very happy with the company we are already with," or "I'm sorry, but we aren't interested," or "We're a small business and we have no need for that." In this instance I said, "You can speak to me regarding the account."

The man did NOT want to talk to me. I was pumping him for information, which is most likely why he was certain I was not the one in charge, but I wasn't going to transfer the call anyway. When I insisted he could discuss the matter with me, he fell silent, so I hung up the phone. He called back a minute later and my boss answered the phone. He was rude to my boss, so my boss hung up the phone. He called back again. My boss answers the phone, hangs up. My mom answers the phone next and he's rude to her as well. By the sixth phone call, my boss tells him to stop calling. He calls yet again. So we took down the number and my boss calls him! I think this irritated the man on the other end of the line and he continues to call non-stop. No matter how many times we hang up the phone, he calls back, and sometimes on both lines. He was being obnoxious and was essentially harassing us. He would start each new convo saying, "Hey buddy, how are you" and then continue to laugh like it was the funniest thing ever. I told him I was glad he found it to be humorous. He told us he worked until 5 so he could do this all day. Eventually the calls did cease, but he was being an all around douchebag.

What goes around, comes around, so I'm confident that he will get his. If you would like to call this d-bag to toy with him, don't tell him you got the number from me. And I highly suggest blocking your number if you decide to call.

one of the numbers he called from
the main number he kept calling from


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