Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Yesterday was...interesting. I had a pretty rotten day. My attitude wasn't exactly helping anything, but isn't that part of having a bad day?! This is an accurate description of how I felt...

I know you have felt this way before...at least once.
I must have had a case of the Mondays, but even still, I am allowed to be in a shitty mood from time to time (pardon my French). Emotions are natural and I just wasn't feeling all warm and fuzzy. My mom, bless her heart, puts up with my nonsense and she didn't snap back when I snapped at her for something stupid. Sorry mom! So while I was battling fatigue, a wicked earache and headache, and letting countless thoughts of sadness, irritation, frustration, and whatever else swirl through my head, I was obviously not in the mood to be joking around or talking much at all. That's when I got a phone call from AT&T...

After a year of being Internet-less, I finally broke down and ordered it last week. I was using someone else's for the first six months I lived there. It's their own fault for leaving it unlocked, so I enjoyed half of a year of free Internet. Am I the only person who thinks the Internet should just be, dare I say it, FREE? Anyway, there goes $20 more of my hard-earned dollars every month! On the plus side, I now have Netflix streaming straight through my television again! I'll probably let the DVDs fall by the wayside once more, but I know I'll still watch them occasionally. I can also Skype again! Woohoo!

I got off-track, let me get back to my moodiness...last week I placed my order with AT&T and they said they would ship my supplies and I could connect them after 8pm on Monday, May 23rd. My modem and wireless router appeared on my doorstep on Thursday, but now I still had to wait until Monday to connect. It apparently takes a full 7 days to be scheduled up and running and I am not very patient. When AT&T called to tell me I now had to wait until TUESDAY to set it up, I was pissed. So I called them. Nothing they could really do because they overbooked their techs, but I did question why they were calling to tell me this at 130 in the afternoon when they apparently work until 8pm. How could they possibly know for a fact that they would not be getting to me?? I was cordial to the guy I was speaking with (it wasn't his fault) and I hung up after I got the information I needed. Later that afternoon, I got another call telling me I could hook it up after 8. I was overjoyed, although slightly skeptical in case it didn't work. I would like to think my telephone call or Twitter responses made a difference, but I'm not really thinking that's the case. You never know though!

Last night at 730 (I said I was impatient!), I started hooking everything up and it worked! I linked my television to my wireless connection and started adding more things to my Netflix Watch Instantly queue. Oh, how good it is to be back online! I even played a quick card game with my mom who was at home. We're nerdy like that and play computer games, but it's nice for me to be able to play games with her from my condo and not always from the house. Not that I mind being there, but sometimes I just want to be relaxing on my couch instead.

The other positive upswing from my Miserable Monday was that I received a call from another agency! Go me! That was definitely something that made me less irritable, although it did not wipe away the moody mood I was in. I took it with a grain of salt and saved all of my excitement for today when I called the agency back.

I know my day doesn't sound like the typical horrible day and nothing traumatic happened, but I was in a funk. I could place the blame on certain individuals, but really, what's the point? So I struggled through the rollercoaster of a day and made it through to Tuesday. Today is a better day and I am in far better spirits. I'm just taking it all one day at a time. That's all I can really do!

Sorry for the novel, but I needed to get that out!


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