Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And They're Off!

Well, it's official. I have sent out my headshots, resume, and cover letter to six San Francisco agencies. Let's hope I hear back from them in the way of auditions! I sent each envelope out with love, hope, and determination.

My horoscope said there was a new moon yesterday, May 3rd, and that initiations I make after the new moon will affect me during the the 12 months to come. That said, I guess it is a good thing I sent these envelopes out today after the new moon. God willing, I'll hear some positive feedback! I generally don't read too much into horoscopes, but when I read my monthly forecast this morning, I realized there must have been a reason why I wasn't quite ready to send them out yesterday.

Now that I have taken the plunge, I just have to sit and wait. Waiting is the hard part. I included a self-addressed stamped envelope in each packet to ensure I am given some kind of response back. If I don't receive a phone call, then I'll be waiting for that little white rejection envelope to come back to me. The anticipation will likely drive me batty, but I will be occupying myself with other things like cleaning, polishing my monologue delivery, working on class assignments, and filming.

Good things are in store for me...I can just feel it. 


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