Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thrifted Furnishing

One last post before bed. It is Tuesday, and like I mentioned before, I've given myself permission to blog twice on Tuesdays. So here it is!

I told you earlier today that I finally got the Internet. Welcome to the 21st century, right? Anyway, what I didn't tell you was I bought I new piece of furniture to hold those little contraptions that are allowing me to blog from the comfort of my gigantic bed.

There are only two phone jacks in my condo so my options were limited as to where I would hook up the modem and wireless router. Since I had a feeling there would be some sort of disaster if I left them in the kitchen where the original phone jack is, I knew they would be much safer in my bedroom where the second jack is located. None of my furniture was close enough to the jack for me use, so for the time being I had the two devices sitting on the floor. Let me just say that they were going to be about as safe on the counter as they were on the floor, so I had to find something to place them on and fast. So, last Saturday after I got my boots and shirt for the western, I went to another thrift store in town. This particular one happens to have a lot of furniture on any given day, so I thought I would look there to find a small piece to add to my bedroom. In the meantime, I moved them off of the floor and on top of the box they came in (didn't want to risk stepping on them before they were even hooked up!). Not very aesthetically pleasing, if you know what I mean.

So to the thrift store I went! 

I wandered around looking at all of the possibilities and narrowed it down to two. One was clearly not going to blend in well with it's vintage look, although the color of the wood did match better with my existing furniture than Option #2. Option #2 was much lighter, but I was instantly drawn to it. At the time I figured it was more of an impulse buy, but I needed something and I didn't want to wait too long. This would at least tide me over until I found something else and it was decently priced. So, I bought it, cleaned it off at home, and set it in between the power outlet and the phone jack. It is certainly not perfect, there are some nicks, a few discolored spots, and a place I need to hammer a nail into. Despite the imperfections, I am pleasantly pleased with my choice. The tone of the wood matches the upholstering of the headboard on the bed and also some shades in the bedspread. It definitely doesn't match the dresser and night stands, but it fits for now. I am considering changing the hardware. It isn't a necessity at this point though, and for now I am okay with it. If I grow tired of the color, I may decide to paint it a deep red to match a different color in the bedspread, however, until then, it is serving it's purpose. It is holding my new modem and wireless router! Yay for Internet!

The top drawer-looking part actually lifts up to reveal a shelf where the modem and router sit!

Next item on the list is to find a cabinet to house either my blankets or my art supplies!


A Case of the Mondays

Yesterday was...interesting. I had a pretty rotten day. My attitude wasn't exactly helping anything, but isn't that part of having a bad day?! This is an accurate description of how I felt...

I know you have felt this way before...at least once.
I must have had a case of the Mondays, but even still, I am allowed to be in a shitty mood from time to time (pardon my French). Emotions are natural and I just wasn't feeling all warm and fuzzy. My mom, bless her heart, puts up with my nonsense and she didn't snap back when I snapped at her for something stupid. Sorry mom! So while I was battling fatigue, a wicked earache and headache, and letting countless thoughts of sadness, irritation, frustration, and whatever else swirl through my head, I was obviously not in the mood to be joking around or talking much at all. That's when I got a phone call from AT&T...

After a year of being Internet-less, I finally broke down and ordered it last week. I was using someone else's for the first six months I lived there. It's their own fault for leaving it unlocked, so I enjoyed half of a year of free Internet. Am I the only person who thinks the Internet should just be, dare I say it, FREE? Anyway, there goes $20 more of my hard-earned dollars every month! On the plus side, I now have Netflix streaming straight through my television again! I'll probably let the DVDs fall by the wayside once more, but I know I'll still watch them occasionally. I can also Skype again! Woohoo!

I got off-track, let me get back to my moodiness...last week I placed my order with AT&T and they said they would ship my supplies and I could connect them after 8pm on Monday, May 23rd. My modem and wireless router appeared on my doorstep on Thursday, but now I still had to wait until Monday to connect. It apparently takes a full 7 days to be scheduled up and running and I am not very patient. When AT&T called to tell me I now had to wait until TUESDAY to set it up, I was pissed. So I called them. Nothing they could really do because they overbooked their techs, but I did question why they were calling to tell me this at 130 in the afternoon when they apparently work until 8pm. How could they possibly know for a fact that they would not be getting to me?? I was cordial to the guy I was speaking with (it wasn't his fault) and I hung up after I got the information I needed. Later that afternoon, I got another call telling me I could hook it up after 8. I was overjoyed, although slightly skeptical in case it didn't work. I would like to think my telephone call or Twitter responses made a difference, but I'm not really thinking that's the case. You never know though!

Last night at 730 (I said I was impatient!), I started hooking everything up and it worked! I linked my television to my wireless connection and started adding more things to my Netflix Watch Instantly queue. Oh, how good it is to be back online! I even played a quick card game with my mom who was at home. We're nerdy like that and play computer games, but it's nice for me to be able to play games with her from my condo and not always from the house. Not that I mind being there, but sometimes I just want to be relaxing on my couch instead.

The other positive upswing from my Miserable Monday was that I received a call from another agency! Go me! That was definitely something that made me less irritable, although it did not wipe away the moody mood I was in. I took it with a grain of salt and saved all of my excitement for today when I called the agency back.

I know my day doesn't sound like the typical horrible day and nothing traumatic happened, but I was in a funk. I could place the blame on certain individuals, but really, what's the point? So I struggled through the rollercoaster of a day and made it through to Tuesday. Today is a better day and I am in far better spirits. I'm just taking it all one day at a time. That's all I can really do!

Sorry for the novel, but I needed to get that out!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Today Is Monday. Where Did My Weekend Go?

Ever since I've started doing more acting projects on the weekend, my weekends have stopped feeling like weekends. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly NOT complaining because not only is it experience and exposure, but it's exciting! Before I could get to filming on Sunday, however, I had plenty of things to do. 

Friday night was relatively mild although I had a severe case of insomnia and did not manage to fall asleep until somewhere between 230 and 3 a.m. Thank you Twitter and texting to help me pass the time during those sleepless hours. My coffee maker was set to brew a strong cup of joe just after 7 a.m. because I was planning on making the most of my Saturday, so when my alarm went off and I smelled the coffee, I knew I was getting out of bed. Not much else I can do once I smell those coffee fumes. Despite being incredibly tired, I still managed to be productive. Laundry, vacuuming, cleaning out the fridge, clearing off the kitchen table, throwing away the dying fleurs and washing the vase, unloading the dishwasher...just to name a few of the things I accomplished at home before noon. 

After I was done cleaning, I forced myself out of the house and over to the thrift store to see if I could find a few suitable items for the western short film I was going to be in on Sunday. I wasn't expecting to find much, but I went in with an open mind and wouldn't you know, there were a pair of beat up cowboy boots waiting for me in just my size. I was more than pleased! I also picked up a brown button-down shirt (or is it button-up?) just in case. The director already told me that he had most of my costume for me, but I wanted to make sure that I liked what I was wearing! I was completely shocked that I found appropriate boots, but I guess it was just meant to be!

I finished my Saturday afternoon/evening with an Army Wives marathon of Army Wives while listening to the sounds of the joyous college graduation party below my unit. My neighbor left a note saying she was going to have a party that night and while it was supposed to run late,  she said she would tone it down as it went on. Riiiiiiiight. I fell asleep around nine and was awakened at 2 a.m. Needless to say, I was NOT pleased. Normally I would not have cared much, but I had to get up early to get ready so I could be in Santa Cruz on Sunday morning...I needed my sleep! After slamming my windows shut (like I said, I was not pleased), they didn't get the hint and I continued to hear pounding bass and loud patio conversations (if you can call shouting a conversation). When I realized this was not going to let up anytime soon and also that she lied about toning down the party, I contemplated calling the police and making a noise complaint. Since I don't have their number handy and I wasn't about to google it, I opted to stomp loudly on the floor. I apparently got my point across because all voices hushed immediately, the music was turned off, and the party quickly ended soon after. Mission accomplished.

Once I finally drifted back to sleep, it was time to get up again so I wouldn't be late for the shoot in Santa Cruz. I had already worked with two of guys before (the director and one of the camera guys) so I was pretty comfortable already. I didn't know the other two actors, but one was a 12-year old boy and he was just downright adorable. He played my younger brother and had the greatest mop of curly brown hair that any girl or guy would be completely envious over. One of the highlights from the day was when I saw two deer grazing in the grass. If I had my actual camera I could have gotten a really great picture of one, but I used my phone. Unfortunately it was on the Dali lens, so it wasn't quite what I was hoping for. Here was the result anyway. 

The deer in the middle kind of looks like the nose, the bushes look like eyes, and a faint smile curve at the bottom. 

Now that it's Monday, it's back to the grindstone! It's going to be a long, slow day at work. 


Friday, May 20, 2011

I WILL see you tomorrow.

So back in mid April, a friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to a site which proclaims Judgement Day will be tomorrow, May 21, 2011. My curiosity was naturally piqued, so I followed the link to read all about Judgement Day and the end of the world. I read up on it, acknowledged that many people will undoubtedly believe this nonsense, and then completely disregarded the argument. I was planning on writing about this sooner, but I honestly figured it wouldn't be such a huge deal. I should have known that this would be all anyone and everyone would be talking about, so I thought I'd join in on the fun, too.

A week or so after my friend posted the link, I noticed that someone had slapped a bumper sticker on the turn light I wait at nearly every day on my way to work. So I picked up my phone and snapped a quick photo of it because I was fully planning on blogging about this sooner. I wonder if God will forgive me for procrastinating? Anyway, I don't care what this guy says, the Rapture is NOT going to happen tomorrow.

I wonder if FamilyRadio.com will be taking down their website tomorrow.

Earlier this week, my mom and I pulled up behind a black Escalade (or some other gigantic SUV) and saw that they had one of these stickers smack dab in the middle of their bumper. I turned to my mom and asked her what they were going to do after May 21st comes and goes and the good Lord above decides to hold off on the Rapture. Try to peel it off? Stick another one over it? Cover it with black paint? It all seems a little ridiculous to me. Especially when I read articles about parents quitting their jobs and refusing to let their teenagers go to a party on a Saturday night. I wonder if this was just their excuse for not letting them go to the rager. But really? QUITTING your job because you THINK Christ is coming back. Those parents are going to feel even more dumb than the idiots who stuck the sticker on the tail end of their gas guzzler! Apparently (at least according to the morning radio show I was listening to), the guy behind this whole thing has "predicted" the Rapture before. Obviously this didn't happen. Now he's revised his math equations and tomorrow is Judgment Day. I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm pretty sure that even if God was intending on calling His people home tomorrow, he'd hold of for a day or two just to show him who the real boss is. I think God has a sense of humor!

While some people are hoping the world ends so they can ignore their student loans, car and house payments, and credit card debt, I'm hoping it's a long ways off (I'm also not in debt). Besides, I have things to do! If you do think the world will be ending soon and you're also one of the bunch who think zombies are going to rise up from the graves, here are a few things for you to check out. The CDC posted this article a few days ago and here is a zombie-proof house for you to occupy.  I also suggest finding a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide to better prepare yourself.

And a final note...
I WILL see you tomorrow.
...and zombies will not be taking over the world.
The End.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hip Hip Hipstamatic!

I don't always carry my digital camera around with me. Sometimes I'll toss it into my purse, but it's not a must have. Plus, the extra weight in there isn't exactly desired. While I would certainly like to have an uber expensive Canon digital SLR camera (I'll save up for one in the future), I'm content toting around my iPhone and using the camera it has for the time being. The camera on my iPhone 4 is pretty decent. I really don't have any complaints. But if you're like me, you sometimes like to have a little something extra. That's where Hipstamatic comes in.

I would venture to say that most iPhone photographers have the Hipstamatic app. It was one of the first apps I actually purchased. From there I have continued to purchase their different lenses, films, and flashes. They tend to come in packages so it's easy to do. A few days ago I bought the new Bondi HipstaPak which comes with the Ben Watts Lens and Big Up Film. I also bought the Soho HipstaPak which comes with the Chunky Lens, Cano Cafenol Film, Blank Noir Film, and Mr. Bling Camera Case. I already had the Fashionista Mac & Milk case which is silmilar, but this one was all gold.

Anyway, while I was searching to see if there was anything I didn't already have, I stumbled across the Analog section at the bottom. I touched the tab and it showed me a phone case that looks like the Hipstamatic camera! It's called the HipstaCase. It was actually pretty cool, but $40 was a bit steep for a plastic case that will inevitably be dropped on the ground. In fact, I just dropped my phone yesterday onto the asphalt, and thankfully my Apple provided phone case kept my phone protected! This HipstaCase allows you to mount it to any standard tripod...pretty cool, but for the time being, I'll stick with trying to steady my own hand! Besides, it's not like there's a delay button so you can run to be in the photo with your friends! Hmmmm....something to think about Hipstamatic???

There are so many different combinations you can use, there must be some sort of a guide out there. And there is! If you'd rather not do every combination yourself, you can visit Photojojo's Ultimate Hipstamatic Guide. It took a while for it to load onto my computer, but if you don't have an aging dinosaur like I do, then you'll probably be fine. It's fun to play around with the different combinations on your own, but sometimes it's nice to know exactly the right combo right when you want it. Another tip...if you're tired of carefully centering your photo, only to have it NOT centered, you can change that in the Settings section of your iPhone and switch Viewfinder Mode to Precision Framing. If you like the randomness the other one provides, keep in on Classic!

I pretty much use Hipstamatic on the regular, but if you have a photo you'd like to Hipstafy, try out the SwankoLab. It's actually pretty fun! Pour in your concoction of chemicals and Voila! Check out what I did in a matter of seconds. If you take your time, I'm sure you can come up with some even better results!

Original iPhone Photo

SwankLab Version 1

SwankoLab Version 2
SwankoLab Version 3


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

IMDb Credits

Today I discovered something wonderful. I discovered that I officially have IMDb credits!!! Last Friday when I talked about the short film, I mentioned I submitted the information to IMDb for possible credits. Today,  I randomly decided to check to see if anything had taken place and it had! Not only did I receive credit for Last Counsel, but I also received uncredited credit for the film Bobby! Woohoo!

I am incredibly pleased to have both of those acting credits up there. I am also really proud to have writing credit for the short, too. I know that I am pursuing the acting side, but it's always nice to know you had a say in the beginning stages of the creative process. Seeing it all unfold from beginning to end was exhilarating! As soon as I discovered my new credits, I immediately told my mom. And then I made her look it up online. I had to share my exciting news with her! Maybe it's just me, but having those couple of lines up there really makes me feel like I am making progress. Almost like I am a "real" actress. I guess what it really comes down to is having something to show for myself. Anyone can put together a resume, but this is slightly more official. This will also be what agents tend to look at. These credits will become my new resume. Now hopefully I'll get some more up there soon!

Check out my IMDb page and see my new film credits! 
And then check it out tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, and...


Vicks Does Not Make Store Brands

Yesterday I woke up with a twinge of a cold. I could feel it in my nose. Something was not right. I ignored it, or tried my best to, but I couldn't help but acknowledge that a cold was already camping out in my head. My throat felt a little funny and my body was just feeling rundown. Typical head cold.

I made it through the work day and even managed to go to class to make up one that I had missed. I didn't stay for the whole thing because I wanted to make sure I got a good, solid night of sleep, but it felt good to be there. I needed that. Especially the hello hug I got from B. B gives awesome hugs. Just sayin'. Anyway, it was nice to see some people I hadn't seen in a while and I also had a chance to briefly discuss my monologue with my acting coach, Christy. After talking to her for a couple of minutes I felt confident about my monologue choice, which is lucky for me because I don't have a backup! V also left me a birthday present in the closet there in class, so that really made my night.

V, D, and Me...Love this frame!
After getting back home, I promptly threw back a shot of NyQuil. I needed to sleep soundly and I didn't want to wake up in the middle of the night with a stuffy, runny nose. Thankfully it did the trick and I woke up feeling fine except for feeling a little groggy. Nothing a cup of joe won't cure! When I was unwrapping my NyQuil/DayQuil combo package, I saw on the label, "Vicks Does Not Make Store Brands." There are some things I will buy generic, but others I just won't budge on. NyQuil is one of them. If the store brand works for you, then good for you, but I won't be crossing over to the wannabe brand any time soon. I prefer the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever, so you can rest medicine.

Nyquil at the end of the night. 

I will definitely be taking another nip of NyQuil tonight...hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow morning for my audition!


Friday, May 13, 2011

The Roxie Theater

Last night was an exciting night for me. I got to see myself up on the big screen! I have seen myself once before (you can see me in one scene behind Helen Hunt in the film Bobby), but this time was a little different. I had a lead role in a short film that I mentioned earlier. The film, Last Counsel, was screened at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco last night! There were 23 films showing from the 24 Hour Film Race and some were quite good. I know this wasn't exactly an Oscar winning performance from me, but it's something!

I invited my mom and my seester to go see it with me. We took BART into the city and walked the 3 minutes to the theater. I waited not so patiently for the box office to open so we could pick up our tickets. I had already purchased three because I wanted to be prepared and then I found out that I had another two waiting there for me for free. Go figure. After we jumped into the line to get into the theater, I gave away two of the tickets because my friends weren't going to be able to make it. The guy I gave them to asked me if I had change because he wanted to pay me for them, but I told him he didn't have to, and he was extremely grateful and a little taken aback by the gesture. He gave the other ticket to his friend and they thanked me multiple times before heading towards the end of the line.

We planned our seating choice ahead of time and we were first to get inside, so we had our pick of the place. We sat towards the middle section and stayed to the right. I wanted to be able to make a quick exit afterward. At the end, everyone voted for up to four of their favorite films. We didn't stick around to hear the result and I certainly wasn't about to go up to the front to contribute on behalf of my team to the Q&A section of the night. I had enough anxiety just watching myself and hoping people clapped at the end of it (they did).

I submitted the film to IMDb earlier today, so hopefully I will have a credit listed on there soon instead of just my headshots and my resume. As long as all of the information is there, I don't see why it won't be! Just in case you missed the link above for the film, here's the actual video below!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

What Is UP?

Not Blogger, that's for sure. The Blogger site has been down and I find this to be extremely irritating. BOO! C'est la vie.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feel Free to Call This Number

Work today was...interesting. It is always a challenge dealing with telemarketers who try to trick you into giving out information. I certainly was not born yesterday (and I have a bit of experience screening calls), so when they insinuate that they are with AT&T, but they really aren't, I know that they really have no business talking with the actual person who takes care of the account. When I hear each telemarketer's opening statement, I am already formulating my answer. It typically goes something like this, "We're very happy with the company we are already with," or "I'm sorry, but we aren't interested," or "We're a small business and we have no need for that." In this instance I said, "You can speak to me regarding the account."

The man did NOT want to talk to me. I was pumping him for information, which is most likely why he was certain I was not the one in charge, but I wasn't going to transfer the call anyway. When I insisted he could discuss the matter with me, he fell silent, so I hung up the phone. He called back a minute later and my boss answered the phone. He was rude to my boss, so my boss hung up the phone. He called back again. My boss answers the phone, hangs up. My mom answers the phone next and he's rude to her as well. By the sixth phone call, my boss tells him to stop calling. He calls yet again. So we took down the number and my boss calls him! I think this irritated the man on the other end of the line and he continues to call non-stop. No matter how many times we hang up the phone, he calls back, and sometimes on both lines. He was being obnoxious and was essentially harassing us. He would start each new convo saying, "Hey buddy, how are you" and then continue to laugh like it was the funniest thing ever. I told him I was glad he found it to be humorous. He told us he worked until 5 so he could do this all day. Eventually the calls did cease, but he was being an all around douchebag.

What goes around, comes around, so I'm confident that he will get his. If you would like to call this d-bag to toy with him, don't tell him you got the number from me. And I highly suggest blocking your number if you decide to call.

one of the numbers he called from
the main number he kept calling from


Agency Responses Part I

The Saturday before my birthday, I received a white envelope in the mail. I was a little bummed because I already knew it was a rejection letter from one of the agencies I submitted to last Wednesday, but I was trying to stay positive because I knew I still had 5 more to hear back from.

Then I got a call...

Yesterday I had a missed call from a number in San Francisco. It wasn't a number I recognized, but they left a message. Low and behold, it was from one of the 5 remaining agencies who wanted to set up a follow-up interview! I was completely stoked. It was too late for me to call back by the time I got it, so I called this morning only to have the girl tell me I needed to call back around noon. They only see people Tuesday through Thursday from 11-1, so I am hoping they want to see me next week, so I will really have my monologue down pat.

I have been preparing my monologue, but I would like to have a little more time with it if possible. If they ask to see me tomorrow though, I'll definitely be there. Can't turn my nose up at being seen early! As the saying goes, "The early bird catches the worm!" I am hoping all will go smoothly and my nerves don't get the best of me. I know how nervous I can get when something big is on the line. Hopefully I can let it go and just be me. One day at a time, one step at a time!

Letters: 1      Phone Calls: 1      Unanswered: 4


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to You, Happy Birthday to Me

Today is a very special day for me. Not only is it my birthday, but it's also Mother's Day! I'm not a mother, but I was especially looking forward to this day because I was fortunate enough to be sharing it with my mom. My mom and my sister share a birthday, so this was like our special day. Sorry you had to share both of your days mo!
The flowers I gave my mom
It's been a really great day filled with text messages, phone calls, and facebook messages. I have made a point to respond to each and every one because I truly appreciate all of the love and well wishes. I received my first present from my parents yesterday. I wasn't really sure what I wanted, so I didn't give my parents a firm answer as to what they should get me. I tossed around ideas of a guitar and a bicycle, but I wasn't completely sold on either one. Earlier I had casually mentioned that my friend D was doing voiceovers. She has a microphone set up in her home so she can record from there and I really liked that idea. I have been toying with the idea of starting to get into voiceover, so this seemed like a good present idea. My original plan was to go to Best Buy or Fry's Electronics to see what their selection was like. Then my mom suggested the microphone idea over the phone, so we ended up just going together!

We were able to locate the one she found online at Fry's, and it just seemed like the right one. Ever have that feeling? I do! So we snatched it up and headed over to the headphones area to pick out a nice set so I can hear myself while I am recording. One of their employees really helped us out and suggested a few for me to try. I opted for the less expensive set (though they were still expensive) because I can always upgrade later if I find that I'm using them all the time. For what I'm going to be doing, they are absolutely perfect. I played around with the microphone for a little bit yesterday and it was so much fun. I cannot wait to try and record something for real!

Today was low-key. I went to church with my parents and my seester and then we all went over to my parents' house to celebrate Mother's Day and my birthday. My seester and I played around in the front yard and she videotaped me prancing around the front lawn and doing silly things. I honestly cannot remember the last time I ran around on the lawn and it was refreshing! Luckily it didn't rain today. The forecast earlier this week called for rain, but it was blue skies with fluffy clouds (I realize these are actually called cumulus clouds). Though it did get windy at times, the sun was warm and it was a pleasant day to spend some time outdoors.
soaking up some sun on the front porch
Soon after my nana came over and we had an early dinner followed by cake an hour later. My mom made me everything I asked for and also a delicious lemon cake. Overall it was a great day and I truly am grateful for my family and the time I am able to spend with them and also all of my friends who wished me a happy birthday.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And They're Off!

Well, it's official. I have sent out my headshots, resume, and cover letter to six San Francisco agencies. Let's hope I hear back from them in the way of auditions! I sent each envelope out with love, hope, and determination.

My horoscope said there was a new moon yesterday, May 3rd, and that initiations I make after the new moon will affect me during the the 12 months to come. That said, I guess it is a good thing I sent these envelopes out today after the new moon. God willing, I'll hear some positive feedback! I generally don't read too much into horoscopes, but when I read my monthly forecast this morning, I realized there must have been a reason why I wasn't quite ready to send them out yesterday.

Now that I have taken the plunge, I just have to sit and wait. Waiting is the hard part. I included a self-addressed stamped envelope in each packet to ensure I am given some kind of response back. If I don't receive a phone call, then I'll be waiting for that little white rejection envelope to come back to me. The anticipation will likely drive me batty, but I will be occupying myself with other things like cleaning, polishing my monologue delivery, working on class assignments, and filming.

Good things are in store for me...I can just feel it. 


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Livermore Wine Country Festival

Last weekend was a busy one for me. After a full day of working on Friday I spent the rest of the evening out in Santa Cruz filming a short film for the 24 Hour Film Festival that I mentioned earlier. Filming lasted through Saturday morning when I finally drove home to shower and change for my cousin's bridal shower a few hours later. I have no idea how I was able to stay up for so long without caffeine assistance, but I did! After 12 hours of sleep on Saturday night, I woke up on Sunday morning feeling less than refreshed, but I managed to make myself bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for some quality time with my seester and two of our good friends M & J as well as their son D.

M & D & J
It was a gorgeous day and I opted to wear a white and black dress that I have not worn in ages. It seemed like the perfect day for it and it was! When I arrived at M & J's, I saw that everyone was wearing a black t-shirt. I guess I missed the memo! I was comfortable nonetheless and happy with my choice of wardrobe. Then we all piled into the car and drove over to the Livermore Wine Country Festival. It was previously known as the Days of Wine and Honey, but it no longer touts "honey" as a main attraction. Personally, the honey was the main attraction for me! Honey sticks galore and I even bought a bottle of honey from one of the vendors. It can be bought year-round at Van's Health Foods, but the beekeeper was there that day, so I bought a bottle from him!

There were the typical toe ring vendors that seem to be at every festival (my seester bought one), along with vendors selling wooden children's toys, silver spoon jewelry, art, candles, and so many other things. It was fun to just go walk around and hang out with friends while enjoying the sunshine. When D wasn't in his stroller, he kept trying to walk down the middle of the street with the yellow bumps that line the road. He started to run into some people traffic, so I trotted in front of him in an attempt to part the seas so he could keep on walking. He followed me as I stayed close to the middle and occasionally weaved around some people walking the opposite direction until we reached the end of the line. It was fun for me and I am sure it was fun for him!

Me and my Seester
We ended the afternoon with lunch at Chili's before we parted ways. The sun definitely wore us all out and especially me having been sleep deprived earlier in the weekend. I am still wearing the sunburn I earned on my shoulders. Guess that's what I get for refusing to wear sunscreen and being out in the sun for a few hours. I normally don't burn, but I also haven't been out in the sun like that since last summer. I will not soon forget this little burn and I will be working on upping my skin's sun tolerance in the near future!



"Bless you."
"Thank you."

With this temperate Spring weather comes many things. The ability to wear dresses and sandals more frequently, sunshine, strawberries, flowers. And dreadful allergies. And I have them.

Regardless of the season, I like to keep fresh flowers in the office as often as possible because it just makes things more cheerful! Right now I have a vase of hot pink carnations and another vase filled with an assortment of carnations, daisies, gerber daisies, and lilies. The assortment is SO pretty and the colors are downright gorgeous.

Immediately after placing the assortment on my desk, I began to feel their powerful effect. Instead of removing them like I probably should, I am enduring the sniffly, stuffy nose simply because I like the flowers. I have had flowers on my desk consistently for the past few weeks. Roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, and a few others, but none of them affect me like the lilies do. Unfortunately, they are one of my favorites! So instead of tossing them outside, I am pretending they have nothing to do with the fact that I have been sneezing more often than usual and it sounds like I have a vicious cold. They are nice to look at, so I am enjoying the sight of them, while constantly reaching for the Kleenex box. C'est la vie!