Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zippers and Lace...

Today is going to be one of the last warm days for a while, so I wore my Coach shoes, which I talked about last week. They are pretty much my go-to wedge sandals because they are so versatile and I can wear them with dresses, skirts, pants, cropped pants, anything! Not to mention that they are actually comfortable! Today I wore them with a pair of jeans I purchased through the Victoria's Secret catalogue and I instantly fell in love upon sight. I really should wear them more often! I topped it all off with a black Cable and Gauge tank my mom let me borrow...that I never gave back. Shame on me!
Blue London Jeans from Victoria's Secret, Cable and Gauge top, Coach shoes
Put together, the final product looks a little something like this. It's comfortable and stylish, but also work appropriate.
Head to Toe
My favorite part about the top is the lace panel on the back. Likewise, my favorite part about the pants are also on the back. The zipper detail on the pockets really sold me on these pants.
Backside Head to Toe
I really love the zippers because it gives the pants a little pizazz. These pants aren't exactly white, which is part of the appeal for me. I have a tendency to get dirty at times, and smudges just magically appear! These pants are at least a little more forgiving! Here's a close up of the back.
Back pocket detail...and a close up of my bum.
Jewelry wise, I wore a pair of earrings by Jewels by Park Lane that my seester gave me and a silver spoon bracelet that was a thrift store find. I felt that simple was better given the detailing on the pants and shirt. I think I made the right choice!
Earrings, Jewels by Park Lane
Thrift Store Find Silver Spoon Bracelet
Detail View Of Bracelet

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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