Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your Name Here...

Sorry for the delay in posting today. I was distracted by various happenings of the day including, but not limited to, a screaming fire truck blazing down the street, the sheets of rain that sporadically poured down, the sudden loss of power in the office, the brief visit of my gay husband (not my actual husband - more on him some other time), work itself, and the frustration of trying to figure out a domain name.

Yes. A domain name. For this little bloggle of mine. was already taken. I came up with name after name, but many of them were registered and often to sites that didn't have a dang thing on them. Damn those people stealing our possible domain names and not having anything to show for it! What a waste of web space.

Nothing I pondered up really had enough pizazz for me to commit to, so I haven't made myself official yet. I have some musings that I'll continue to mull over for the rest of the evening, but until then, I'll just be seeing different interpretations of

flashing through my mind. Here are several more renditions for your enjoyment.

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