Thursday, April 28, 2011

Victory Lane

My mom has recently started shopping at Lucky. We have been faithful Safeway shoppers for quite some time now, but with Lucky located in the same parking lot as the gym, it makes sense to stop in for a few things here and there. When they started the Victory Lane game, we started going there a little more regularly.

I know, I know. We changed supermarkets because of a game? It seems silly and it probably is, but at least it gives me something to do! With each qualifying item you buy, you receive a game ticket. Inside each ticket are three game pieces, a code, and a coupon. You find the appropriate box on your game board and affix the game piece to it. Then you go online to enter the code to see if you win anything else (most often a 6-month membership to some NASCAR thing, but sometimes two new tickets), and then decide if you want to keep the coupon for 25 cents off of whatever. Or sometimes, you win an extra two game tickets. 

Okay, so that's all the boring stuff. The fun part is the possibility of WINNING something. Like $1,000,000, or a new Toyota Truck, or $5,000, or a Harley-Davidson Electra Glide motorcycle, or an Apple iPad, or a 42" Plasma HDTV, or a Wii game system, to name a few. The prize that I'm hoping for is the 15" MacBook Pro. There are 20 chances to win this one and I am pretty sure that the one I am waiting for is the game piece that there are only 20 of. Ticket #235. That is the last one I need to win a new laptop, which I desperately need. I certainly would not complain about winning the $1,000,000 prize, but if I can't have that, I'd certainly welcome a new laptop. 

I'll continue to lick and stick game pieces until the game ends and while it's running I'll keep manifesting so I win that new computer! Or the $1,000,000. 



  1. Hi, I have a 235 game piece I am willing to sell for $1000 or best offer. Sorry for such a high price. I am a graduating college student, and I would use the money to pay off my loan. Please let me know what you think. You can email me at

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