Saturday, April 2, 2011

San Francisco Auditions

Today I had a couple of auditions in San Francisco, and since they were so spread out in terms of time and distance, I decided to make a day of it.

I started my adventure this morning by taking BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to the city. I planned my route to the first audition using my handy iPhone, but I couldn't seem to figure out which bus/metro thing I was supposed to take once I arrived in the city. A little background info: I am directionally impaired and often find myself mixed up, turned around, and utterly lost. My iPhone has drastically improved my impairment, but I still sometimes become confused when I'm in an area I am unfamiliar with. For me, getting lost is not unusual.

After roughly 10 minutes of failing to figure out my next move, I admitted defeat and hailed a taxi cab. My driver was well versed in the city and had driving skills that rivaled Mario Andretti. I was there in half the time it would've taken anyone else to get me there! He was pleasant and polite and made sure I knew which building I needed to go into and I tipped him well.

The audition, which was for Microsoft, was super fast. I filled out the form, listing my ethnicity as "Portuguese and Polish mainly, caucasian mutt" to which one of the casting fellows replied, "I'm a mutt, too!" We shared a laugh and then he took a few photos. I left them my headshot and resume and was on my way! I met a really sweet girl named Tori in the elevator and we exchanged pleasantries. Then, before we parted ways, she said she hoped we would see each other again at another audition! I quickly figured out which mode of transportation I should have taken in the first place (it stopped right outside of the building), and I took the Muni train to my next destination.

Upon arrival, I realized I was entirely too early. I didn't want to be there forty minutes before auditions started, so I took a chance on a little corner cafe called The Creamery.
Photo posted on Yelp by user Kristy M.
I didn't order coffee because I didn't want to be too amped up for my audition, so I purchased a bottle of Pellegrino and ordered the Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Salad with baby arugula. I always forget to take a photo before I start eating and I wish I would have because the presentation was excellent. The Roma tomatoes were perfect and the mozzarella was definitely fresh.
Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Salad
During lunch I read over the script and wrote down a few more notes. I took my time and really enjoyed my meal. It was perfect because it wasn't too heavy and I was truly satisfied with it. I didn't even crave anything sweet afterward! With the sweet tooth I have, that's a miracle in itself!

I finished up around the time auditions were starting, so I walked the short distance to the building and walked up with a girl named Autumn. She seemed nervous, but once she sat down and looked at the script, she seemed to calm down slightly. I was the last one to go out of the three other girls in the room, but I prepared the night before so I felt fairly confident. As soon as I walked in something inside me shifted and I did the audition completely different from how I prepared. Now I'm kicking myself, but it's all a learning experience I guess! If they liked me, they'll call me back, and if they don't it's not a biggie.

Luckily the BART station wasn't too far from where I was at, so I walked the ten minutes or so to the station. On my way I came upon this building...definitely colorful between the graffiti art and the chairs affixed the the walls! Gotta love those artists!
Check out that blue sky too! It was a beautiful day in SF!
All in all, it was a great day and I enjoyed my little adventure in the city by myself. Usually I prefer to share the journey with someone else, but it was a nice change to explore on my own.


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  1. this is awesome Krista =) congrats... I'm really happy & proud of you. Okay, that sounds pretty lame like I'm your dad or something. But I am really happy to see you're going after something you love. Next time if you ever need company... a cheer leader w/ you or body guard =) haha, hit me up. I'd love to keep you company & hang out.
    all the best,