Monday, April 11, 2011

Longing for the Impossible...

It's times like these that I wish I had a wealthy grandparent who would bestow upon me the glorious gift of a house. Unfortunately, that was not my destiny, so there goes that wish. Winning the lottery doesn't exactly look very promising either.

This is not just any house. It is a house that I have always loved from the outside. It is a house that I said I wish I could own from the first time I saw it. It is a house that I jokingly said I would go knock on the front door and ask the owner if they would let me rent a room. That is how much I love this house.

As I am reflecting on the vision board I made earlier this year (I'll talk more about that some other time), I suddenly find out that this epic home is up for sale. Wouldn't you know that it was a long-term goal of mine to own that house. The timing couldn't be more wrong. It has not been up for sale in over 30 years and I am in absolutely no position to even attempt to buy it. I couldn't afford the monthly payments if I tried! Besides, there is no way that a bank would give me a loan with little to no money down and no co-signer.

Knowing that this house will probably never be sold at its current price (which is more than reasonable), I will probably have to make the big bucks before I can even think of owning it. In fact, it is likely that I will have to go knock on the front door and have the owner name his price if I ever want to have this house. If I could come up with some way to buy it, I would...until then, I'm just longing for the impossible or attempting to manifest ownership into a reality.


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