Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's Get Some Shoes...

Like many girls and women, I have a thing for shoes. I love them. If I see a pair I simply cannot live without, I snatch them up. Most of the time. When I do decide to pass on a pair I really love, for whatever reason, I think about them almost obsessively. When I can't get them out of my head, I know I need to have them. Sometimes I'm too late and I never get the chance again, but sometimes I do. If by chance they present themselves to me for a second time, I take advantage of the situation and assume it's meant to be!

Once or twice a week I get another Victoria's Secret catalogue in the mail. I know I've mentioned VS on a couple of occasions when I talked about my boots and my pants, and I've bought a great deal of clothing from them. I'm pretty sure I should have invested in their company. I practically support them! Anyway, when their spring shoe selection came out, I nearly drooled as I flipped through the pages. I was suddenly introduced to the glorious shoes of House of Harlow 1960.

Veronika Platform Wedge
Also available in Black, Black and White
One of my personal favorites.
House of Harlow 1960 is Nicole Richie's brand. She started off with a simple jewelry line and has expanded to shoes and some other accessories. Within the pages were wedges galore and I was drawn continuously to the HOH brand. Of course their price tags are more than I can afford right now, but a girl can dream! Further web-searching revealed more wedges than are currently listed on the VS website. NR really knows what she's doing.

Like with most brands, I don't love every single item within the line. So, there are some shoes that just aren't "me" and that's okay. Here are some of the wedges and a few other styles I found online.

Open-Toe Studded Wedge
Another one of my favorites! I could wear these shoes with so many things in my closet!
Violet Espadrille Wedge
Also available in Black, but definitely cuter in the neutral tone.
Fannie Wedge
Perfect for everyday wear!
Cut-Out Platform Wedge
Not my cup of tea, but worth showing nonetheless.

Nell Open-Toe Pump
Love the neutral tones!

Jeweled Strappy Sandal
A wear-anywhere flat sandal that'll jazz up any plain white T and jeans ensemble.
Black Beaded Maddie Fold Over Moccasin
Super cute to wear whenever! I'd love to add these to my shoe collection!
Sydney Peacock Sandal
Practical and versatile. I'd prefer to add a peacock feather to a pair of my own'd be more economical!
While I enjoyed fantasizing about wearing these towering wedges and some of the others, I cannot vouch for how comfortable they are since I haven't walked in a pair. I can tolerate some discomfort, but if I can't wear them for more than a few minutes, they just aren't going to make it into my closet. Though I don't quite reach super model heights, I am fairly tall, but I still love to make myself just a few inches taller whenever I have the opportunity. Many of these wedges are 5" at the heel and 1 1/2" at the platform. I can certainly handle the heights. The question is, can you??


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