Friday, April 15, 2011

The Joy of Cooking

I have yet to experience the joy of cooking with the Joy of Cooking. I have the book, I have a desire to cook (sort of), but I haven't experienced the pure joy so many people say they get from cooking. I certainly experience the joy of baking, but why not cooking?? What gene am I lacking that prevents me from wanting to cook delicious meals? Is it simply that I worry my meal might not turn out quite as scrumptious as I hope it will? That others won't like it? Is it that I am not as confident in my cooking skills as I am my baking skills? Am I just plain lazy? Or am I just more simple when it comes to feeding myself?
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Cooking for one has never been particularly appealing, at least to me. I know I can cut a recipe for 4 in half and have leftovers for the next day, but I just never seem to want to cook. After a long day at work and my after work workout, I really don't have much motivation to feed myself anything more than a bowl of cereal or some macaroni and cheese. I have some sure-fire recipes in my arsenal, but if I want to keep a tight hold on a man's heart, I'm pretty sure I should learn to cook a few more staple meals.

When I cook for myself, which you already know is rare, I tend to make meatless meals. So I'll be searching for some meatless options and also possibly adapting some meat-filled recipes to accommodate a meat substitute product. I have a couple of vegetarian cookbooks in my cupboard also, so I'll pick out some of my favorites and see what I can do. Even though I shy away from meat, I should probably consider delving into the slaughterhouse recipes in the future, just maybe not quite yet.


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