Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Ever since I got sick I have been slacking on the gym. I am not the type of person who can work out while sick, so I took time off to get better. Then I went to LA. Then I had my meeting. Today, I had no excuse, so I forced myself to get back into the routine. So how was the gym today? It was gymtastic!

I rode the bike on a random hilly setting for about 30 minutes. I got 11 miles in and then I moved over to the StairMaster. I could have just used the StairClimber, but I wanted to use the StepMill. Not exactly sure what I'm talking about? This is the StepMill by StairMaster.
It has revolving steps so it's almost like you are climbing actual stairs. I was never a fan of the StairMaster until I spotted this machine. It's actually kind of fun, but I definitely made sure I had one of my hands near the railing. Just in case. Knowing my luck I'd trip on a stair and bite the dust in front of everyone. When I was standing at the top, I was pretty high up there, so if I fell it is quite likely I would not just be injuring my pride. Anyway, after just ten minutes on this thing alternating between a 4 and an 8 speed setting, I was getting tired. I don't think my heart beats that fast when I'm running on the treadmill! It wiped me out, but it was a good way to end my workout. 

Now that I'm feeling better I really have no excuses for missing a gym session. I should be going regularly so that I'll be in prime shape for bikini season. If that isn't motivation enough I'll just remember that I should be going because I'm paying for it every single month. Don't want to be wasting my money!


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