Friday, April 1, 2011

Desperate for a Dog

I'm not really desperate, but I am determined to get one...someday.

Before I signed the lease for my condo, I had a checklist of must-haves. They were, in not particular order, as follows:

Laundry in the unit
Walk-in closet

I compromised on the pet-friendly requirement because I knew I'd be busy with acting classes and everyday life, but I still wanted to have the option of having one when things calmed down. Apparently pets are the nemesis of my landlord. I understand. No one wants to walk into a newly vacant unit and smell stale puppy pee, or worse, cat spray. I still just want a tail-wagging, furry friend to keep me company though.

If I ever do get a puppy of my own, I'd prefer to not get one from a breeder and instead go through a rescue or shelter. Even though pet store puppies need homes too, I'd rather not support puppy mills. Don't worry, I'm not going into a big, long rant about puppy mills because I'm sure most people recognize what horrible "businesses" they are. 

Pet rescues and shelters have always been high up in my book. Giving man's best friend a second chance at a forever home is something I wish I could take part in. So while I perused PetFinder for a poodle that was a precious as my lil Marco was (an impossible task because he was quite adorable), I came upon this lil monster! 

Tell me he doesn't look like a little Yeti-Sasquatch-Bigfoot. 

Yeti-Sasquatch-Bigfoot Dog 
He's really quite small. I actually thought he looked like he would be a larger dog until I saw the other photo!
He's a lil fur ball!
I would definitely have to meet a dog before committing because in all honesty, they choose you most of the time. If I had the space I would have a large dog and a small one, but for now, or in the near future rather, a small one will just have to do!


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