Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two Times Tuesdays

Monday was a BUSY day at work. Sadly, I wasn't able to finish blogging like I'm sometimes able to do (I know, shame on me, but it's during my breaks!), so I've decided to implement Two Times Tuesdays where I can write two entries and post them on the same day without feeling guilty about bombarding people with posts. I still wanted to do my Scentsy post, but I also wanted to write about my evening yesterday. Now I've solved my dilemma! Besides, sometimes I just have a lot to say!

Yesterday evening I was more than pleased to be in the presence of Miss Hayley from Vintage Hay. Okay, I was ecstatic! Once again it had been far too long since we had last seen each other, so we made dinner plans for Monday. Since she came out my way this time, we went to a Mexican restaurant we both know and love. Seems like we typically choose Mexican restaurants whenever we go out, but I'm certainly not complaining because I could eat it every single day!

yummy to the tummy!!!

It was so nice to catch up and hear all about her training for the Triathlon. She's so dedicated! I admire her motivation to go out and take part in a cause that is so important. Maybe I'll follow suit and do a run for some cause or another someday. We shall see! I'll be donating money to support her and the cause, and I hope more people will, too! I wish I could donate $1,000, but like I said before, I'm a girl on a budget! I'll be giving what I can because every little bit counts!  Check her out! She's the cutie in the center of the photo wearing the hat!

Hay doin' her thang!  

After dinner, we sank into the couch and had some more girl time chatting before she headed home. We talked about our shopping addictions, our mutual obsession with thrifting, and so much more! This time we didn't promise to do something within a couple of weeks like we do every time (and then a month or two goes by!), but we instead agreed that we'd go do some thrifting together soon! Seriously cannot wait!



  1. Aw, I had the BEST time last night! So good to see you and thanks for the huge shout out and sweet compliments! Thrifting date ASAP!

  2. Aw fun! Hey I'm going to be in Cali!!! We have got to meet up because I didn't get to see you at Christmas :(