Monday, March 7, 2011

Saturday Recap:

My weekend was mostly low-key, which is generally fine with me because I tend to hibernate a bit when it's cold outside!  The best part of my weekend was definitely Saturday, so here are the highlights...

Saturday was a BLAST.  I started off my morning with an audition in Santa Cruz, which might just be the greatest audition I've been on to date.  The director? Laura, was super friendly and easy-going.  She made the whole experience fun and I got to do more than just read lines from a script, she had me improv a few scenes which actually ended up giving her some ideas too!  The best part of the whole thing was that I got to let loose and play in my craft.  Always a good thing!

After my stellar audition, I met up with some of my favorite peeps for lunch.  Vicky, Diana, Ankur, and I had a great lunch "business meeting" at Pasta Pomodoro.  It was great to finally all get together.  We laughed, we cried, we laughed some more!   The afternoon was fantastic and Vicky even brought us all gifts.  I probably shouldn't show you because then you'll know where I keep my super secret files, but this lil transformerish guy is actually a flash drive!  Silly and practical.  I love it!

Sir Ankur and I...I'm enjoying my lil flash drive

LOVE my ladies


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