Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ooh Ooh That Smell...

Can't you smell that smell!

If you couldn't, then I'm certainly surprised, because there was an abundance of floral, spicy, and clean smells wafting through my seester's house on Sunday! Why were there so many fragrances? Well, I went to a Scentsy "smelling" party to smell all of the new scents for the Spring.

So what is Scentsy?  Scentsy is essentially a flameless candle. It uses a warming pot to melt squares of wax and voila! Your house is filled with the sweet smell of Baked Apple Pie, or the fresh scent of Clean Breeze, or the sexy man smell of Simply Irresistible, which just happens to be my favorite. I already have one warmer that plugs directly into the wall, but I really wanted another one for my bathroom. My mom was kind enough to purchase the new Tea Rose warmer for me and several new scents, including Mums & Marigolds, Enchanted Mist, and Lucky in Love (which smells JUST like Love Spell from Victoria's Secret). Every month there is a Scent of the Month and for the month of March you can get Jumpin' Jellybean which smells like pears...so yummy!
Tea Rose Plug-In Scentsy Warmer

The warmers are really nice because you can get the Plug-In Warmer that plugs directly into the wall, or you can get a Mid-Size or Full-Size Warmer that sits on a table or countertop and has a cord that runs down to the outlet. There are various sizes and shapes, whimsical designs, nature designs, and even warmers for the sports lover! There really is something for everyone. Even kids! They have these adorable little stuffed animals that hold Scent Paks. I'm partial to Lenny the Lamb...he's just so darn cute!

Lenny the Lamb

Besides the traditional warmers, there are also Room Sprays, antibacterial Fragrance Foam (no water required!), Travel Tins, and Scent Circles (think Christmas tree car fresheners). I definitely recommend going to a party (or hosting one!) before purchasing a Scentsy Bar because a scent you think you'll love, you just might not be so crazy about after all. Likewise, a scent you thought you wouldn't like, might just turn out to be your favorite!

You can view all of the products in the online catalogue, but it's a bit of a pain in the boo-tah-tah. I prefer looking on the website of an actual consultant because it's far more user friendly. If you're looking for a Scentsy consultant (and with my family buying so much, I'm not sure why I'm not a consultant yet!), I recommend Karen Rosenbrock. You can contact her and see all of the products on her personal Scentsy website or even become a fan of Karen sells Scentsy on Facebook for updates!

Happy smelling! 


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