Friday, March 4, 2011

Makeup and T.Swift

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am NOT a Taylor Swift fan. Maybe it's because so many of her songs that get played out in a matter of days over the radio waves are all "poor me" songs where she doesn't get the guy. Sure, she's a pretty decent song writer and she's definitely improved over the years, but for someone who sells so many records, she sure doesn't hit the right notes very often when she's singing live. Need I remind you of the Stevie Nicks debacle where S.N. was singing back up and saved the entire performance?  Anyway, despite my inability to move past her hair flipping, sour note performances, I will admit that Back to December struck a chord with me and I did listen to it on repeat. Moving on....

This post really wasn't supposed to be about my lack of love for Miss Swift (and praise the good Lord above she's not with Jake anymore...that's a whole different rant), but rather about a new product she is the spokeswoman for.  

It's new, it's met with great reviews on CoverGirl's website, and with T.S. headlining the product, it's sure to fly off the shelves from all of the teenage girls with a Swift obsession.

Since, I'm always on the lookout for new products, I recently purchased my own tube of the stuff in Alabaster. CG recommended that shade for me via their website, and after testing it out, I was fairly content with the color, but only after I set it with a loose powder that was more my color.  I tend to have fair skin in the winter months, but I have yellow undertones, so it's difficult to find a foundation that works with my skin tone.  I need one that doesn't make me look too pink or too yellow. I also have extremely sensitive skin.  

After giving this makeup a fair run and letting my skin adjust to it, I'm less than pleased with the results.  I have oily skin, and it didn't really do much to prevent that, just enhance it.  No bueno.  The jojoba smell is decent and not too strong once it's been on for a while and the line definitely caters more towards women with pink undertones, so be warned!  Because of the "nature" title of the foundation, I guess I assumed it would be a little more "natural" if there even is such a thing for makeup. With the cucumber water and rose hips extracts, I was optimistic at first, but the final results, left me feeling, well, sticky.  Even after I set the foundation with powder, my skin still felt vaguely sticky, which is not a comfortable way to spend my day.  Luckily for me, CG has a 3x Money-Back Guarantee.  I'll be sending back my unused portion to get a little cash to try something new!


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