Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've had the blues...

The blues for Starbucks' Blueberry Oat Bar. It was my favorite. Whenever I saw that delicious lil treat sitting patiently waiting for someone to buy it, I bought it. And enjoyed it. Immensely. Then one day, it wasn't there. I thought perhaps they were sold out that day. The next day I went in, hoping they were restocked, but much to my chagrin, they were not. Finally, after a week of agony and hopelessness, I asked my favorite barista Susie where they had run off to. Starbucks had pulled them off of the shelves. For no apparent reason. I was sad, but I survived.

I figured it was for the best. I could do without the added calories each morning. Then, Starbucks sent me a free coupon to try their Perfect Oatmeal. And dare I say it? It is perfect.

Perfect providing, of course, that whoever is adding the water doesn't make it too soupy for my liking. I pour all of the brown sugar, dried fruit, and nuts into it and it's bliss. So my thoughts of the Blueberry Oat Bar diminished and eventually I forgot about it's crumbly goodness.

Then today, while I was deciding if I really wanted my Perfect Oatmeal, I glanced over at the bakery section and there it was! My blues were officially gone. The Blueberry Oat Bar had returned!  I indulged. Well, I partook...indulging would have meant I had two, which I was tempted to do, but I refrained. After all, I haven't been to the gym lately!

Had I remembered, I would have taken a photograph before I started eating it, but it was calling my name and I couldn't resist!


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