Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Raining It's Pouring...

The old man is snorrrrrrring. Okay, so maybe there isn't an old man snoozing and snoring here in the office today, but it's still raining! It's also COLD! And windy. Keep in mind, anything below 75 degrees is a little chilly for me and my California skin.

With the rain pouring down, I took the opportunity to wear my Hunter rain boots today. They aren't the standard black Wellies I usually wear, but a new pair I received a month or two ago.  This isn't the first time I've worn them, but today was especially fitting because this rain isn't letting up anytime soon! I couldn't remember the name of the style, so I popped over to Hunter's website for a quick trip. Introducing my new Brixen boots!

My Brixen boots!

I've been wearing these puppies with my skinny jeans or jeggings and they're doing their job by keeping my feet dry!

As I continued to peruse the site I learned that they also sell boots with heels and wedges! I had no idea! More than likely I wouldn't wear either one of these because I'd rather invest in a pair of boots I'd wear more regularly, but why not show them off anyway!
Hunter Lapins shown in Navy
Hunter Verbier Shown in Green

Further investigation revealed flat and wedged sandals that were well worth wearing. Though the price point is a little steep for me (I am on a budget after all) they were quite cute. The Abaco wedge caught my eye in both colors and the more simple, flat Camia sandal looked great for any day when rain isn't in the equation.
Hunter Abaco shown in Cuoio
Hunter Camia shown in Natural

Even though I love wearing my rain boots, I'm really hoping for some warmer Spring weather in the near future. I'm dying to wear dresses without tights and open-toe shoes!



  1. Pretty much obsessed with those black laced up hunters. So pretty! I think i might need those for next winter.

  2. I can TOTALLY see you rocking those lace up Hunters!

  3. I also love those black laced up Hunter Lapins!
    Got them on?
    Show them to us :-) (-: