Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beauty Shop

Once upon a time, I had virgin hair. It is a hair stylist's dream. A blank canvas, if you will. I've been dying and highlighting my hair in one way or another since 6th grade when I first tried Sun-In in the girls bathroom after school. From there I graduated to temporary box dyes in jr. high and eventually permanent box dyes in high school. Senior year I received free highlights from a *gasp* professional hair stylist. They were awesome.

Even though I've always wanted to be a blonde, my signature hair color is dark. When I grew tired of dying my hair, I simply stopped coloring it and let it grow out. Luckily I did not have much of an awkward stage in growing it out, and it blended in fairly well. The grow out process was tedious and by the time it was au naturel, I was ready for a change again. 

Enter the ultra talented, beautiful Bonne.

I met Bonne at a party in Discovery Bay. We were casually chit-chatting when I discovered she was a hair stylist. I instantly became excited. When I found out she worked in my hometown and not Disco Bay, I was elated! I've been utterly faithful to Bonne since our first hair session. I let her dye my virgin hair BLACK, much to the chagrin of my mother, who insisted she liked my hair lighter. From that point, I pretty much gave her free reign to do whatever she wanted. When I expressed that I wanted something different, we discussed options and I let her go at it! She has never let me down. I've had dark hair, black hair with blonde, black hair with blonde and red, light light brown hair, red hair, and back to dark. My black hair even inspired my seester to cross over to the dark side and go jet black. Eventually my dark hair grew on my mom and she now scoffs at my lighter locks and thinks my level 4 hair was better! Go figure. 

I'm seeing her today to get my hair back to the headshot color since it's lightened up a bit too much since my last coloring. In the meantime, here's a glimpse of my hair evolution...or at least some of it. 

Geez, how vain of me!

My natural hair
My long natural hair before dying it
My signature black...I was Cleopatra for Halloween
I chopped my locks and kept the black hair
My favorite and blonde
Back to normal hair after an emotional crisis
Exaggerated wasn't quite so red in real life. Then I went back to black.
Me and my seester with matching black hair!
The last time I had dark hair :(
My current headshot
Eventually I will return to my signature color, but for now, I'm in hot pursuit of some acting gigs and representation. Apparently my lighter hair exudes youthfulness! My acting peeps seem to like the lighter hair too, saying my eyes pop more. I'm just going with the flow. Maybe I'll get representation and they'll ask me to dye it dark again! Who knows what the future holds.


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